Friday, May 02, 2008

We Survived!

Well, I survived reporting month. It's been the first time in three years that I've had to be on the front line for this. Yes, it is like a war some days during reporting month. But, everyone survived, we managed to only make a few people cranky about not getting things done and we've got 2 more months before we have to do it all over again.
And I won't be here this time.
Yep, that's right, in just about 4 weeks (give or take) Boo will be born and I'll be home learning how to be a momma. I get the feeling it'll be a pretty steep learning curve at first. But that's OK. It'll be a new challenge and one I'm looking forward to. Gak and I will tackle this whole parenting thing together and hope we get more right than wrong. (I'm sure we will, we're both pretty smart people with big hearts and, hopefully, realistic expectations of ourselves and each other....)
Now I've just got to quickly get the rest of the stuff for the training "department" fixed up so it can run on autopilot while I'm out. In the weekly meeting this morning one of the guys (Mr. Lazy) asked if I'd be working from home. I told him I'd be checking my email once or twice a week and no other promises. The only reason I'm planning on doing that is the fact that I don't want to spend an entire week when I get back weeding through emails.
We've decided to go with the daycare on 8th street. It's only a block or so total extra walking for Gak on his way to work. We'll be able to leave the stroller there so he won't have to walk it all the way to the office.
The upstairs neighbors are supposed to be out today, I'll keep you posted.
Tonight we've got a pre-checkin visit at the hospital to get most of the paperwork done so we don't have to when the time comes. We're also hopefully getting together with Kat and Scott and possibly seeing Iron Man. I'll let ya know if we do and if it is worth seeing.
Peace to all and may you survive the stress and have your successes.

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