Friday, May 09, 2008

37 Weeks and Counting!

Well, today marks 37 weeks into this pregnancy! (Where has the time gone?!?!) Only 3 weeks to go to reach the traditional 40-week full term status. (Although, most in the medical community consider 38-40 as being term, 41+ weeks as being post-term.)
I had my 37 week appointment today. All is well in the world. The heartbeat is good, even if it took the doctor a bit to find it. (For some reason, this one of the two I've seen the most doesn't always believe me that he'll do better on the right than the middle...) No change in anything else. So, it was "see you next week" and all is well.

Can I tell you I have the best brother on the planet? Or at least I think so. It may sound strange to those who didn't know us growing up, but Jon and I just don't fight. At least nothing serious. Sure, we don't always agree and pick on each other some days more than others, but we don't fight. (I do remember an entire car ride from the house to our parents' shop where we did nothing but come up with creative insults for each other... it's about a 25 minute ride...)
Yesterday when I went to get Gak at work, I had mail from my brother. He sent me this really neat Mother's Day card. Yep, that's right... my brother sent me a Mother's Day card. How many other people have brothers who would do that? (I, on the other hand, am lucky if I remember to send birthday cards out...)
Speaking of Mother's Day, Sunday mom is coming up to our place in the afternoon and we're going to finish getting Boo's room together. We've still got some stuff to hang and some things to figure out where to put and it could stand a really good dusting and floor cleaning after the painting. Hopefully we'll even get a rocker by then, who knows? This means late Sunday, or more likely Monday I'll have pictures to post! We'll be having dinner at our place.
Dad may or may not wander up for dinner. You see, he spent most of their "Stimulus Check" on a new camera he's been drooling over. Ritz was running an awesome deal on the Nikon SLR digital he has been drooling over, including two lenses in the package for about what the body was normally going for. So, his plan for Sunday is to disappear with the camera. I don't blame him. It sounds like a fabulous Sunday to me. I miss the times Dad and I, and Mom and Jon too, would go out on a weekend day and go for a walk or whatever with cameras in hand. It was an enjoyable way to spend a day with the family. And we were outside to boot! We did a lot of cool things like that as a family while growing up. Hopefully Gak and I will have as many good outings with Boo.

Well, I guess I'd better get back to work now. I've got a whole list of training things that I need to get to. (I didn't get any training work done yesterday, I spent the day putting out service fires...)

Peace to all and may life be good to you.

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