Saturday, May 03, 2008


It's official. We're stuck.
We still need to get a rocker/glider for the baby's room, but we have no where to put it. I've got just about all of Boo's new clothes and sheets and things washed, but can't put them away. I can't hang the wall lights or the artwork or anything else yet either. I've got a crib full of things waiting to be put away or set up but can't.
The room isn't finished being painted yet.
Monday. Monday is when it's supposed to happen.
I hope it does.
The upstairs neighbors are out and the lock on the bottom door has been changed. Now the landlady and her husband can focus on finishing up the painting. Once that's done, I can finally move stuff around and put everything away.
My doctor's appointment Thursday went well. It seems that Boo is in the head down position and now it really is just a matter of "wait and see".
Four weeks.
I saw that the other day and I started to panic.
Yes, mostly because we're "stuck". Also, for some reason, "It's the End of the World" by R.E.M. has a tendency to go through my head. Oh well. This is an adventure I willingly signed up for and am looking forward to, even if both Gak and I are a bit terrified now and again. We'll be fine. Many, many generations before us have all faced this.
Yesterday we went and had our "pre check-in" at the hospital. It is a nice, small hospital. It was a slow evening so the nurse showed us around a bit. The L&D rooms are HUGE and each have their own warming bed for the baby. If the ward is slow, they'll just keep you in L&D after you deliver and not bother to move you down the hall to a recovery room.
We also went and saw Iron Man last night with Scott, Kat and Zoe. It was probably just a little loud for Zoe, but she's handled other movies in the genre well and you never know until you get there. Gak and Scott were very happy with it. Apparently they stuck very closely to the original and modernized it quite well. I wouldn't know, since I've never really read Iron Man much. They did a great job with it in my opinion. The summer movie season is upon us.
Hopefully we'll be able to go see Prince Caspian together when it comes out and the new Indiana Jones movie as well. That one is a maybe, since it comes out on the 22nd and Boo's due date is the 30th. I hope we do get to see it in the theater. That's definitely one of those that are made for the really big screen.
Anyhow, today was a very slow day for me. It was gray. We got in late last night and I sent Gak to work by himself today. I slept a good bit. I read a bit. We went out to the diner for dinner (hopefully I got that right...). Now I have no idea what I'm going to do next. I should work on mom's afghan. I originally wanted to get it done for her birthday. I missed that. My next goal was Mother's Day. Unless I seriously get off my butt this week, I'm going to miss that too. Oh well, it'll get done.
Well, I'm off to go find something to keep me out of trouble for a while.
Peace to all and may you not be stuck.

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Chelsea said...

If you're planning on seeing Prince Caspian, I assume you saw the first one. How was it? Finding out that the novels were all a big Christian parable just completely ruined them for me, so I didn't go see it, but the previews looked good, so I'm on the fence about renting it.