Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Getting There...

Well, we're getting there. All the appointments this morning went well.
Our doc gave Gak a prescription for some anti-inflamitories and is going to get a referral for an MRI. There's some swelling there and she thinks an MRI will give her a much better picture of what's going on. She's also referring us to a specialist. Hopefuly we'll get some relief. I know he says it doesn't bother him much, but he shouldn't have to live with constant knee pain and the fear of it going out on him.
Since I was there as well, she went ahead and did my appointment as well, so I don't have to go back in on Thursday. That's nice. She told me to take the cingulair if I need it and to call if I'm having any asthma symptoms. We talked a little bit about the pregnancy and she's happy things are going well. She also suggested a couple of pediatrician groups in the area she knows by reputation (hers doesn't work out of the hospital I'll be delivering at...) Overall, it was a productive bit of time.
We went to the one daycare center today. It's the same place Zoe went to, a Goddard School. I really like them, since there is additional oversight above and beyond just the annual state inspection. That makes me feel better. Infants are full-day only. We don't really need full day, since we can have someone at home until about noon each day. I know it's not too much longer, but it is to me. Also, if we can find somewhere that does only half days for infants, it should cost a good bit less. Goddard is about $1150 a month. That's more than our rent, and almost more than our rent and groceries put together. I have no idea where I'm going to come up with that kind of money in the budget each month. (If I'd been able to put that much away each month, I so wouldn't be worried about any bills and wouldn't be in the credit card mess that I am...) Also, they're looking full for August/September, but we'd probably be first on the waiting list. Gak is hopefully going to remember to call the other place we're looking at back and schedule a meeting there. I'm hoping they'll do half days. Or will cost less. Or some other miracle will happen. I really don't want to impose on friends and family any more than we have to.
I truly wish I knew of some way to not have to do daycare. I wish there was a way we could survive on just my income. Unfortunately, even though I've been at this job, and a good job it is, 7.5 years I still make below average for annual household income for the area. Gak and I together just barely make average. This is a tough area to live in. Anyhow, wishing won't solve anything.

Work went well for the most part today. I had some clear priorities in what needed to get done. I think the problem is the fact that most of the work assigned to me is so old, I just don't know where to start or what's been done. I can't even ask anyone really, because I think the person who had been assigned these things is one of the ones no longer here... and I don't mean Al. We'll be cleaning up her messes for ages.
Here's hoping I can keep this up tomorrow as well. I've got a list of things I want to get to, and hopefully there won't be any emergencies causing too many problems.
Yes, it's reporting month....
Hey, I can hope....

Well, I've got to document a few things and then I'm out of here.
Peace to all and may life be productive.

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Chelsea said...

Y'know...cost of living in Columbia is pretty low! :D