Saturday, April 19, 2008

Made the Map?

First off Happy 30th Birthday Jon!!!

Well, yesterday was uneventful compared to Thursday. I think Thursday just burned me out. Yesterday was tough, mostly because I was too tired to be as productive as I wanted to be. Ah well. You'll have this.

But somehow, my small town seems to have made the big-time political map. Don't ask me how. I honestly didn't think we were that important. I mean, yes, we live about halfway between Allentown and Philly. This is both an affluent area and an area with many Hispanics and farmers and others who may or may not be in the middle class. This is a traditionally fairly conservative area too.
So, for some reason we've attracted the Democratic Party in full force.
Monday night I get a text from Kat warning me traffic could be a bear Tuesday afternoon/evening because Bill Clinton was talking at the high school at 3. Luckily for me I didn't have to go anywhere near the high school Tuesday.
Today, on my way home from doing laundry and running a few errands I got another political surprise. The Obama office for the county is about 2 blocks up from the apartment. I'd seen some crowds there when they were doing some last minute pushes to get voters registered. (Yes, I'm registered. Independent... which means I can't vote in the primary here. I could have changed to a party, but was mostly just being contrary and didn't.) Well, there was a pretty big crowd standing there. As I pass by, I suddenly recognize the tall, grey-haired guy in the middle of the crowd. None other than John Kerry himself.
I must admit, it made my already "small town" looking downtown look even more "small town" and hmm... stereotypical doesn't have the right connotation.... and neither does quaint... fake or staged or something is almost right...
When in the world did we get onto the political map and how do we get off it?
Not that I don't care.
I do care, I just like being able to park in front of my apartment. (Especially these days...) I also don't like being bombarded with 50-million calls from the candidates' camps trying to get me to vote. If I wanted to vote in the primary, I would have registered as a party. I registered independent to try and keep these kinds of calls and mailings to a minimum. Bah, so much for trying not to get spam.

well, this evening is Zoe's birthday party. We're going bowling and then for pizza! I think I'm going to go take a nap before I have to go pick up Gak from work.

Peace to all and may you have calm and beautiful days (the weather is summer-like today!) and only the political involvement you want.

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