Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interesting Week

First I want to say EEEEK!!! 50 days!!!

Ok. I'm better now. (Well, I would be if Boo would lay off the ribs... or more specifically my right hand ribs. He doesn't seem to like the left at all....)

It's been an interesting news week. Well, more like interesting news days.
Yesterday we got two interesting bits of news. The current rumor at Gak's old job is that his former boss, even though demoted and moved to another store, may just end up getting fired. The reason, not doing his job. According to a former coworker, he knows what he's supposed to do, but he just doesn't do it. This is nothing new really, since that's more or less the bigger story that drove Gak out of there.
The second bit of news is that the upstairs neighbor has been kicked out. This is good news in my opinion. I mean, I do feel at least a little bad for the landlady. She's got to go through the work and expense of finding a new tenant. I hope we get nice neighbors like we had before this last one. Even with the 3-year-old and the baby, they didn't cause much fuss, didn't cause much noise and were nice when I would run into them. They left because of a job offer in another state. Can't blame them there.
Hopefully our landlady will be able to get the full year's rent from this last girl. She told Gak her lawyer said she could due to breach of contract. Here's hoping.
I also feel a bit sorry for the tenant that got kicked out. More like pity really. She just doesn't get it. She's 20 and has screwed up her life this badly. Even I haven't made that big of a mess of things. I mean, in some cases I got pretty lucky, but I learned quick and always realized, even in the middle of things, that I was messing up. I somehow doubt this girl ever will. And an eviction won't get her a place on her own any time soon. I really feel for the girls mother. She's got to be torn between helping her daughter and making her clean up her own mess. At least I would be. I also worry for the kids. I'm not as worried about the 3-year-old since he mostly stays with his grandmother. I worry more about the baby. I do worry about the girl too, it doesn't sound like the boy who was over all the time was exactly nice and respectful. (Gak's heard a rumor that he's been in and out of corrections.....)
Oh, yeah, I also finally got my new work computer yesterday. I spent most of the day getting it set up and then again today. I still have a little bit left to do, but it can wait until tomorrow. (It's got to be done by Monday at the latest though... since I need it for the training I'm doing Tuesday.) It's a beast. 3 GIG of RAM. Yes, that's right, 3 gig. It's sweet, but heavy! I won't be lugging this puppy back and forth much.
So that was yesterday.
Today when Gak was leaving to walk to work, he saw something taped to the outside door. It's a court summons for the upstairs neighbors. (He checked to make sure it wasn't something odd for us...) We'll see how that all turns out. Like I said, I hope the landlady doesn't get burned too badly on this. She's a nice person and does the best she can.
Well, I'm starting to ramble and I've got to wrap this up and head out...
Peace to all and may the world be on your side some days.

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