Monday, April 07, 2008

So Close...

Close but not quite....
That's a good phrase for yesterday.
The drive out to Elizabethtown was uneventful and nice. Gak actually stayed awake the whole time. This is a first aI do believe. What can I say, the car ride just puts him right out... and it was even gray! Here's hoping Boo does as well on log car rides, especially if we go down to visit Aunt Michelle in VA or up to Aunt Abi in RI. Those are long trips and will be much, much easier if he'll nap most of the way.
Ok, back on topic...
We picked up the dishwasher with limited issues. I tried not to panic when I saw the thing though, it looked a lot taller than I thought it was.
Our route down and back took us right past Redding, so Gak and I stopped at the VF Factory Outlets on the way back. Gak managed to find two pair of jeans and a new pair of sneakers, all for $70! Normally, it could have cost $70 just to get him either the sneakers or the pants. That made the gas usage worth it. We also picked up some books that were majorly on sale. Yes, we need to use the library more, but getting 4 books for $14 (three of which were hard bound...) is a steal we couldn't resist. Unfortunately, everything I tried on was close, but not quite. Most things had some kind of issue with the sleeves/shoulder area. Others might have been cute if I wasn't so pregnant. One looked great but was made of something that made me itch like crazy. Aargh.
Well, we finally make it home and get the dishwasher up to the apartment.
It doesn't fit.
I knew it was too tall.
I'd mis-read the dimensions. The others we'd been bidding on were all 21" square by 17" high. Well, this one is 18" by 20" and about 22 or 23" high. This would easily clear normal cabinets. Remember, I live in an old, funky apartment. We have 17.5" clearance between the bottom of the cabinets and the counter. And no extra clearance beside the sink.
Even though I was exhausted, we promptly headed back out to try and find a microwave cart or something to put it on. Unfortunately, this means we'll have to keep it right outside the kitchen door in the dinning room and move it back and forth to use it. Well, we couldn't find anything that had the right dimensions for the top of the cart.
I have no idea what we're going to do about this.
I (and especially Gak, the current dishwasher) were sooo looking forward to having the dishwasher. Well, technically we have it, but can't use it. To top it off, the seller from eBay is having problems with her account. I still have her email, but we'd have to drive it all the way back out. Or ship it, which would probably cost more than the gas.
I could turn around and sell it myself, but the likely hood of finding one of the others we were looking at for less than $200 is between slim and none. (They list at $200, but often the bidding will go quite a bit higher... silly people....)
Our landlady is coming by tomorrow evening to start painting Boo's room. Maybe I'll talk with her then about possibly removing the shelves at the side of the one cabinet. If we did that, then we could fit the dishwasher there with only minor overlap of the sink itself. (Yes, all four feet of the dishwasher would firmly be resting on something...)
Oh well. I'm trying not to be too down about this.
I'm also spinning my wheels going in circles at work. I think part of it is I'm fighting the "new" system of service calls. Partially because I don't want to like it. Partially because it's just too hard to do certain things. In the old system if I had a couple of things for the same person, I could easily print out all the tickets and see them all side by side. I haven't figured out how, or even if, I can do that with the new system. Of course, four of my oldest tickets are for the same customer and looking at them, there seems to be some overlap, but I'm not sure. I can't read them all side by side or even print them out.
Like I said, I'm spinning my wheels, trying to figure out how in the world to be productive in the first place and not getting anywhere.
No, it doesn't help that it is gray again today. Saturday afternoon was beautiful. There were moments yesterday that were bright and clear. But, for the most part it's been gray since Thursday or Friday. Bah.
Oh well, back to the grindstone.
Peace to all and may everything actually fall into place.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that. I totally need a dishwasher to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Hey, you might want to check this site out... They have free shipping for some of their items too. I've bought several things from them and they are great!