Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, I feel like my brain is about to dribble out my ears. I don't think I've worked so hard, on so few things, in a very long time. Strange as I am, I pretty much enjoyed it! Today was one of the first days that I truly felt productive at work. I was able to get to some of the oldest things assigned to me. I put in a good 4 or 5 hours on the project, with another hour or two more that I need to put in on it as well. It took a lot of brain power, and I'm exhausted.
I also got to another one that's been hanging around for a few and that someone who recently left the department ignored/messed up royally and I get to fix. That one should just about be done. I'll just need to confirm with the guy on Monday that he accepts my explanations and things are working to his satisfaction.
I might not have closed any tickets today, but I put in a solid almost 9 hours and it was all doing something and it feels good. Days like this is why I had a love/hate relationship with my last tenure in the service group.

This weekend is looking to be a good one. Tonight my landlady and her husband are coming up to start painting Boo's room. I can't wait to see it! I'd offer to help, but three people in that room is pretty crowded when trying to paint. That and I'm not sure if I'm really supposed to be too close to paint fumes right now. Not like I'll be able to escape them with the way the apartment is set up. It's good that it is warm enough that we'll have the windows wide open. I just hope it doesn't rain before the morning.
Michelle is also coming up. She'll get up here around 4 or 5 tomorrow afternoon. She's got to work a bit in the morning and then head up. I'm so looking forward to seeing her. We haven't had the chance to get together since New Year's. That reminds me, I've got to wrap her birthday present this evening. Gak found something that I'm sure she's going to love. We'll work on furniture tomorrow evening or Sunday, whichever. All I know is that there will be a large reward of chocolate when we're done. Maybe chocolate ice cream. (We really should just treat ourselves with Rita's, but that's almost healthy!)
Well, I'm going to wrap this up so I can do some more documentation and head out the door soon. My brain is about to melt, but it feels good.
Peace to all and may you have good, productive days and fun filled weekends.

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