Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, today was a good day for a Monday.
The day started off well at any rate. Gak and I took a tour of a daycare that's about 1/2 a block out of his way on his walk to work. It's a really nice little place. They are only able to take 25 kids total at a time. It is in the lower floor of a church. It's not part of the church, but has been in that building for something along the lines of 20 years. The woman we were talking with this morning has been there 8 years and most of the other staff has been there quite some time as well. She was very friendly and was watching the kids while talking with us, and knew what was going on. All of the little ones in her room seemed very happy to be there and well taken care of. The one who has the infants and toddlers in the morning admits that she sits and rocks the babies as much as she can. You can just feel the love of the staff for their little charges when you open the door. Sure, it's not full of bright, shiny new toys and computers like Goddard and I'm not sure what the pre-school is like, but there were several happy kids there and kind staff. I'm willing to give up new toys and computers for friendly and happy. We've got computers at home and I'm sure we'll have more learning games than Boo will know what to do with. (And parental supervision of course!) We're thinking it over, but I think we may just have found the afternoon hangout for Boo. What's great is that once they reach the age where they're eating table food, the center provides morning and afternoon snack as well as lunch! This is nice because they get a hot lunch and looking at the menu, a good lunch.

The rest of the day was normal wrapping up reporting month crazy. Hopefully it'll wind down smoothly, but I'm not counting on it. I gave Bill a lift home this evening since he was going to leave "early" for a change. He'd gotten enough flack from some management type people (well, namely our current boss) that he was fed up and just wanting out. That and seeing everyone else just bail after 8 hours (including said boss) and him putting in as many hours as he does doesn't sit well after a month of it. I just hope it can all be peacefully resolved. Bill agrees with me that the knowledge base has gone through the floor in the last few years, even if none of the management are willing to see it. I have no idea what next reporting month will be like, and part of me doesn't care. I mean, I won't be there to witness the carnage. But, that's what makes me wonder. If Bill truly is able to escape into his new role (which we're both doubting will happen during reporting month) there will only be 2 people in the department remotely qualified to run the reports for our contract customers and answer the questions of everyone else. And of course, one I'm not sure really can, and the one who really can works from Michigan and that makes it much harder to help the guy here in PA.
Oh well, Not really my problem. But you know I'll worry if only because I care about our customers.
Well, I think I'm going to log into the game for the first time in over a week.
Peace to all and may you find what you're looking for.

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