Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

I'm sitting here enjoying a soft pretzel. It's a Friday tradition in this office, but I don't usually partake. (I enjoy them, but often times I'm not here on Friday or just don't feel like having one...)
In this part of the country, Philly really, it is tradition to put mustard on them. Usually a fairly good dark yellow mustard, but most people end up just using plain, old, boring yellow. Some weeks I do, some I don't.
Today I did.
The random thought:
"I used to make fun of my brother for eating 'mustard sandwiches' (two pieces of white bread with mustard in between), but here I am, essentially eating the same thing... a bread products with nothing but mustard on it." (I'd removed most of the salt as most days it's just too much...)

So, with that bit of randomness, I shall leave you to go work with a couple of the guys here in the office on using the software. This has been a busy training week for me!

Peace to all and may you enjoy a bit of randomness from time to time.

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