Friday, February 22, 2008

Nursery Surprises

The world works in mysterious ways. I'm quietly panicking about getting Boo's room all set up and Mom is finishing going through Gram's paperwork including some old insurance policies. Well, Mom found a goldmine of sorts today. Gram had taken out a policy on Mom when she was a pre-schooler. It still existed as unclaimed property with the state, and Mom was able to claim it.
Guess what she wants to spend her mini-windfall on? Furniture for Boo!
I can't begin to say what all the emotions are.
There's relief that this is possible.
There's amazement that this money even existed.
There's gratitude for having a Mom that loves me, her son-in-law and her grandson so much. I mean, she could have easily used this money to fix stuff around her house or even trade in the little red car for something new (or newer). There are lots of things she could have spent this money on for herself.
There's the sense that Gram is still looking out for me, and her great-grandbaby even now. I think that's what chokes me up the most. I know that Gram would more than approve of this money going to Boo. Family meant so much to her, and making sure kids have what they need.
I'm fairly overwhelmed. This is just what I needed today.

Today we woke up to snow. Snow is good. Snow, unfortunately makes life and driving fun. This means that I still had my doctor's appointment, but Monday is my glucose test instead of today. (The appointment went well, by the way. Everything looks good, the heartbeat sound nice and strong. We won't know about a C-section or not for a while yet...) Because of my appointment this morning, I "worked" from home. Mostly I was home, and pretended to work. Much more comfortable than trying to be busy at work. It also means that Gak might be stuck at work for a double. That means he won't have to work tomorrow, but it means for a very, very long day for him today. (It also means I can't figure out what to do for dinner quite yet... if it's just me, I'll probably be lazy and finish off last night's pizza...)
Unfortunately, just like every other snow we've had this winter, it started out as snow (we probably got about 4-5 inches total) and then changed about mid-day to sleet/freezing rain. The streets don't look too bad right this minute, but that could change, especially once the sun goes down.

Well, I guess I'm going to wrap this up. I'm still in a little bit of shock (in a good way) about the nursery furniture.
Peace to all and may you have pleasant surprises and wonderful family in your lives.

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