Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, I've been meaning to post for a few days. It just hasn't worked that way.
The trip wasn't too bad. The bad part was the fact that I went to pick up Gak at 2, and due to a scheduling snafu and misunderstanding, he wasn't getting off until about 4. Well, I managed to pick up the car and do some creative juggling and got on the road at about 4. The drive wasn't bad. the training went well and the trip back home wasn't bad either.
Friday night we hung out over at Kat's with her and Zoe. It was nice to just hang out. We didn't really do much other than watch some TV and eat leftovers. Leftovers are a good thing.
Saturday was another day when things just didn't go quite right. Gak was closing, yet again. He's closed every single saturday this year. We're both getting sick of it. The laundrymat was about as crowded and chaotic as I've ever seen it. I got the wash done, but not dry. I then went to the grocey store and wandered around for a while. I didn't have a list and had no idea how many nights Gak was closing or what to make for dinners anyhow. I did finally get the wash dry and some work on mom's afghan done, but it wasn't an overly productive day.
Sunday was a good day. It was a very productive day. Mom came up and we finally got the back room clean! I mean, the only thing on the floor is furniture. The other bedroom is also clean. (Well, except where I tossed my robe this morning when I got dressed...) All of the laundry is put away for the first time in months. I moved most of Gak's clothes into the dresser in the other room. It had to be done eventually, and it was either just do it and have him be cranky with me for doing it, or try and get him to do it before Boo's born and have it happen at the last minute (probably by me anyhow...) and just get me mad and cranky with him. This was the lesser of the evils. I even picked up new curtains for the room and got them shortened! I'm so impressed with how much we got done.
Today I had off. Mostly, I was just off. Gak had to work, but we knew that. I just wasn't right all day... not quite cranky, but not my normal self either. I fiddled around a bit with the DS, tried to read a bit and tried to play the game for a bit too. I did manage to get a good bit of crocheting done and made some brownies. They turned out well.
Tonight we had an appointment to get our taxes done. (We'd originally tried to Friday, but there wasn't any room for walk-ins...) This is what is really making me grumpy. Normally, we owe a little bit to state and local, but get a sizeable refund back from the Feds. Not this year. This year, we owe everyone. Actually, we owe the state less than $1, so they said to keep it. (My, aren't they generous!) Thanks to my wonderful company, who've only been taking out 0.5%, and Gak's employers not witholding anything, we owe over $400 to local and $25 to the Feds. Not exactly the news I wanted tonight. I mean, I purposfully pay an extra $5 a week on my Federal witholding just to make sure I'll get something back at the end of the year. It annoys me to no end that my company has messed up local again. Aparently, they've messed up everyone's. I'm even more cranky with Gak's employer, they've really made life tough. Oh well. We'll live. It looks like we'll be paying taxes this month instead of picking up the crib we liked at Target. Luckilly we've got a little more time to get the crib than we do to pay the taxes. Hopefully I'll be able to get something done about my local taxes tomorrow. I doubt it, but I can try.
Oh well. I'm off to get a brownie and a glass of milk. Maybe tomorrow will be better... even though I have to go to work. (I've got a bunch of crap to get done by Wednesday that snuck up on me... oh well. It'll keep me out of trouble I hope.) Friday is my glucose tolerance test. Hopefuly that'll go well. I'm not really worried about it, but one never knows.
Peace to all and may you not have any grumpy days.

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