Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know... less than 12 hours since I last posted, but that's not the wow.
(Actually, 1st off I want to say happy birthday to Kat, who caught up to me again today... and appologize to Gak for such a lousy Valentines day... I didn't even get him a card... I'm so bad at the thoughtfull romantic stuf... *sigh*)

What I'm going WOW over is an email I got from ToysRUs. (Remember, Gak and I registered for all kinds of baby stuff for Boo at BabiesRUs, which is part of the same company.) It's this long email outlining their new product safety guidelines for all their supliers. All I have to say is, they're taking safety and some environmental concerns very seriously. Their max led content guideline is about 15% of the Federal standard (90ppm vs. 600ppm). And they're putting their own inspections into place all along the suply chain. Anyhow, follow the link above to see exactly why I'm going wow. That was a nice email to wake up to.

I'm still very cranky about the whole tax situation. The whole local thing is just one more reason for me to want to leave my current company. Gak's taxes this year were such a total mess, it was unbelievable. Out of his 3 W-2's, NONE of them had witheld the right amount of taxes. I just hope the tax "rebate" actualy gets here in a human ammount of time... I truly hate how low we've let the savings (hahaha) get over the past year. This was supposed to get us back up over that hurdle... stupid employers...

Ok, I'm going to go get ready for work now. Hopefully it'll be a better day.
Peace to all and may you get pleasent surprises in your email.

(yes, spellcheck still isn't working and I'm still too lazy to do anything about it...)


Chelsea said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about tax woes. I don't suppose there's any chance you'll get the child part of the rebate, is there? I mean, you have 2/3 of a child so far, you should at least get 2/3 of the money...

Addey said...

Thanks for the giggle! You'd think that we'd get a partial child credit, but that's not gonna happen. Quite frankly, I'm going to take whatever they give us and RUN!