Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This and That

This weekend went fairly well. Saturday I managed to get quite a bit done, but not as much as I'd hoped. Sunday, Mom was supposed to come up, but didn't because she did something to her back again. It happens from time to time and a bit of rest and a lot of time with the heating pad usualy fixes it. I did get a good chunk of the yarn organized at any rate. Not all of it is put away, but it's a bit more organized and I *gasp* got rid of some. Most of what I got rid of was stuff I'd inherited from various sources that felt funky and smelled very musty. I know, since most of if was acrylic, it could have been washed, but it just wasn't worth the effort. I also got rid of some funky stuff I had picked up on clearence and fiugred out why it was so cheep when I tried to work with it. Oh well. Live and learn.
Yesterday was almost a good day at work. It sounds like my boss and his boss are moving ever closer to figuring out what to do about training. We also called about my leave and, yes, I do only get 6 weeks, 8 if I end up having to have a C. So, I'll end up out for 9 to 11 weeks with using up my vacation time. I'll have to live with that. I won't like it when the time comes to return, but I'll deal.
I did have a hard time not yelling at a customer yesterday though. Remember a few weeks back I said something about being in on a conference call and no idea why. Well, this is the continuing saga of that customer. I've figured out that the only reason I'm there is because I was bored enough not to get out of it and that since I was in service for so long, I still have a clue on how to fix some of this. About half of these issues should have been turned over to service long ago, and projects left out of it. I didn't need to be involved past the first call because they weren't complaining about the job I'd done and weren't interested in adding more training. (Which is good, I really don't feel like going to that part of California again soon... it's too far north to be able to get to visit any of my family.)
Well, I was trying not to yell at them because they were being pig-headed and stupid. They weren't listening to what the developer had to say and they still didn't understand what I'd been telling them in about 6 different ways in the last 3 or 4 weeks. Luckilly, the little mental overide switch was working quite well. You should have heard the internal monolouge though. It was quite colorful and interesting. I still say it's a good thing we don't have video phones yet. I may be able to control what I say, but I have absolutly no control over my body language. If I don't like you or think you're being stupid, I have a very hard time not showing it when I'm talking to you face to face. Oh well. Most people get over it, and those that don't, I hopefuly don't need to deal with much anyhow.
I know there was another reason I started this post, but I lost is a few paragraphs back. Maybe it was to say that there does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel with the job issue, and it doesn't appear to be a train right now. I realy have no idea. Thanks Boo for giving me a swift kick to the belly button and making me forget all about what I was going to say.
Oh well. I guess I'd best get back to my "work". Oh, totally random thought; it's snowing. Unfortunately, it's supposed to change over to freezing rain/sleet before it's done and that's a mess. I'd love to have just one snowstorm this winter that didn't turn to ice. I mean, we don't live in Oklahoma or Texas. They're the ones that get the ice storms. We're supposed to get the pretty snow that you at least have some hope of traction on.
Ok. I really must be going now. I've got yet another stupid meeting in about 10 minutes.
Peace to all and may things go your way from time to time.

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