Thursday, February 21, 2008

99 Days!!

Wow, I just looked over at my ticker, and if the doctor is right, and I'm due May 30th, Boo will be here in less than 100 days! (I personally still think it'll be closer to the 10th of June, but who really knows?) I suddenly feel like there's no time left at all.
We don't have a crib yet.
We haven't moved our bed to the other room.
We don't even have a car seat bought yet.
Other than some clothes, I really don't have anything purchased...
Our birthing classes start on the 5th.
I still have no clue about the job situation. (I fluctuate between not caring and being overly stressed about it...)
We haven't made an appointment to talk with the day care we both like (see above for part of the reason...)
I still don't think I look like I have that much of a pregnancy belly, but none of my old jeans fit. I guess it's because of the way my belly blubber looked before. It's now just mostly pushed up and a bit out... so I look bigger than I was, but not that nice, smooth pregnancy belly. Oh well.

Other than that, this week's been prety uneventful. Work's been work. I haven't gotten everything done I should have, but with the general attitude of my boss and the higher-ups... it's hard to care. I am impressed though, I am holding my regional training here the week after next and I think I've got more people coming to this one than the last two combined. Lets see... last year I had 4 or 5 total people. This time I've got 6! (I've got five full weeks, and two partials..) I haven't had this many since I went to Phoenix, December 2006! I just hope the rest of the year goes as smoothly. I'm trying not to think too hard about the June one... that's going to be a disaster, I just know it. Oh well. I'm just going to turn it over to my boss and let him handle it. It won't be my problem. I may have to clean up from it (or not... depending on my job...) but it won't be my problem to schedule, bill, order and teach. I wish him and whoever's actualy doing the teaching luck.

Well, I mostly just wanted to gasp about 99 days left. It's lunch time and I didn't pack anything. (There weren't quite enough leftovers from last night for lunch this morning and Gak finished off the other leftovers yesterday for lunch...)

Peace to all and may time be on your side.


Chelsea said...

Don't feel too unprepared, you could get all of that done in a week if you had to, and you still have at least three months!

My cousin just adopted a baby on Tuesday (to a scheduled cesarean which she's known about since September), and she showed up at the hospital with no car seat, no going-home outfit, no bottles or formula at home, and the crib still in its flat-pack box.

I'm sure you can do better than that! ;)

Addey said...

I somehow think someone's looking out for me... I can stop panicking now...

Flauta Mom said...

Don't worry about pregger belly, I didn't get one until almost the end, I just looked well fed 'til then *grin*