Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, we've survived another year.  And it's been a good one.  There were so many exciting things that happened this year.  The election that seemed like it would never end, finally did, and with an historic vote at that.  The Summer Olympics were held in Beijing without much of an obvious hitch (although, we'll never know the whole truth...).  The economy did all kinds of crazy and bad things.  (Hey, I said exciting, I didn't mean they were all good!)
But, the most exciting part of the year was the arrival of Boo.  Since June our lives have been turned upside down, inside out and spun all about.  And, while I can't say I've loved every single moment of it, it's been a wonderful ride and I'm so glad we're on it.
So, yes, despite the economy being in the toilet and money issues keeping me awake in the small hours of the night, 2008 was a very, very good year.
I am so thankful for all the good.  I'm thankful that I still have a job, even if leaving my boy every morning still hurts.  I'm thankful for my wonderful husband Gak, who's an even better than the excellent Daddy I knew he was going to be.  I'm thankful for all my friends and family who have been here for us through it all, and who I hope I've been there for as well.  There was so much good this year, so unlike 2007.  I really don't want to repeat that year any time soon.....
Last night was a nice, low-key night.  The three of us went over to Kat's house after dinner.  Scott was there as well.  Zoe was celebrating with her daddy.  Kat got Zoe (and the whole family really...) a Wii for Christmas.  Scott got Zoe (himself) Guitar Hero World Tour.  We fiddled around with that for a while and then decided to give it up and see what was on TV.  We ended up watching several episodes of "True Blood" on HBO.  We almost didn't because, well, the scene we tuned in on was very, ummm how to put this, disturbing?  But, once past that scene it turned out to be quite interesting.  It's about some Southern Vampires and community.  There were several moments where Gak and I were laughing very hard because the people reminded us so much of people from his home town in OK.  Kat and Scott didn't believe us, but that's OK.
We did manage to tune into the ball dropping.  I honestly wasn't planning on staying over there until midnight.  I thought we'd go home around 10 or 11.  But, watching TV sucked us in and it was nice to just relax on the couch with friends.  Boo fell asleep around 8:30 and slept until we were ready to leave on Grammy's bed.  Of course, this meant Grammy couldn't go to bed when she got home, but she was content to watch TV with us for a while.
So, even though it was weird not having Michelle with us, it was a good evening.
Today, we celebrated the new year by taking 7-month-old pictures of Boo with his dragon.  The cutest of the batch is at the top of the post.  Isn't he getting so big??  I can't believe how big he is.  I can't believe it's been 7 months already.  I think I love him more with every heart beat, if that's possible.
We also ran a couple of errands and then swung by Kat's again.  I'd left my glasses over there last night.  (I wasn't sure if I'd worn them over there, so I didn't bother to look for them before we left.)  We ended up staying all afternoon and having dinner there.  Boo wasn't too keen on taking a nap because we didn't have Dino Puppy with us, but once I gave him one of Zoe's kitties who was a similar size, he was OK.  He had a very good day, and Zoe even played nicely with him on the floor for a little while.  And as always, he brought big smiles to Aunt Kat's face.  (She's needed that lately, she's got some medical issues she's been dealing with since Thanksgiving... everything is OK for now, but there have been lots of tests and waiting on answers and new medications and the like, so it's been a little stressful.)
So, 2008 was a good year and so far 2009 has started out on a good note.  I'm really looking forward to seeing all the exciting things that will happen this year.
Peace to all and may your year be filled with good health, good friends and good times.

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