Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Ugh is the word of the week so far.  Monday, well, that was a Monday.  Work went about as well as can be expected for a reporting month.  Yesterday went reasonably well too.  Our service meeting went a little long, but wasn't too bogged down.
Today, the weather was ugh, work was ugh and dinner was ugh as well.  Since it rained/iced last night, I ended up working from home this morning and driving Boo and Gak to daycare and work at noon.  I'd told my boss that was my plan if it was bad this morning and he was fine with that.  The roads weren't bad, but the sidewalks were, so there was no way I was going to make my boys walk in that mess!
Work was ugh for many reasons.  The first was the fact that I've spent about 12 hours of the last 3 workd days getting a site ready for reporting in the new format this month.  It's hard not to go cross-eyed doing that.  You've got to fix the errors in two different places and hope that you did it right so that when you run the report again, no new errors show up.  So, yes, that was an ugh.  The other ugh was spending the entire afternoon trying like crazy to get somewhere with this training session and conference that's the first week in February.  No, I'm not going, although I'm sure it would be nice if I could.  I'd actually like to go, since it's in Phoenix and that might mean I'd get a chance to see Abi again!  But, no, someone else will be doing the training and I've been working with him on getting that together.  I was then politely told that "reports are secondary for you, training is primary" again by the business leader.  I know they are.  But, in all honesty, at this stage of the game I'm enjoying them more.  I really am a bit burned out and turned off with the whole training thing.  Actually, I think it's more that I'm feeling overwhelmed and in some ways under supported by the people who are supposed to be helping me.  I mean, I've got the backing of the business manager to do what needs doing, but the people who are supposed to be helping me, or who aren't supposed to be giving me as many service requests as I've got, aren't.  They're fighting this tooth and nail.  It really makes me just want to walk away some days.  So, yes, this afternoon was an ugh.
Dinner being an ugh, well, it wasn't all my fault.  I guess it was partially my fault, but not much.  You see, I'd bought this thing from Perdue,  it's a two part thing that's got frozen chicken nuggets you bake and a sauce you toss them with.  Well, I'd had one before and it wasn't too bad.  Well, this one was an "Asian" one.  So, I figured we'd have the chicken and I'd make some rice.  Well, I had plenty of brown rice, but it takes at least 45 minutes to cook and I just didn't want to wait for it.  I had about a half cup of regular white rice.  I figured I'd microwave it.  Mind you, I'd done a full cup in the microwave before, just like the directions said and it worked just fine.  Well, tonight it didn't.  I had rubber in the bottom of the dish.  Oops.  And then came the chicken.  Or should I say the salt.  All I could taste was salt.  So, yes, dinner was ugh too.  I didn't eat all of my serving.  I would go have a peanut butter sandwich, but we ate the last of the bread last night for dinner and I didn't stop and get more today.  We're out of big person cereal (unless I want oatmeal, which I really don't like....).  We're out of just about anything.  Wait, I just re-remembered that we still have some gram crackers.  Those are yummy with PB.  I think I'll go have some of those and some milk.
Even though it's my bed time.
See what I mean....
Well, I'm off to have a little snack and hit the sack.
Peace to all and may your days not be ugh.


Grumpy Joe said...

Cute photos of Boo. Sorry you're having a tough time at work. Sounds like "the company" is having some "pains" growing or whatever! Hang in there and don't let the bums get you down. Gerber baby rice cereal is actually pretty good when the cupboards are bare--been there, done that! :-)

Addey said...

It's more like the business manager and my immediate supervisor don't see eye to eye on my responsibilities.....