Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visiting Family

This has been a busy weekend.  It all started on Saturday morning when Gak calls me from work.  "Guess who just called me?"
"I don't know..."
His mom had just called him to let him know that his uncle Raymond was about 100 miles or so away for the weekend.  You see, Raymond drives truck and he was stuck in Carlisle waiting for a load that wasn't ready yet.  He'd dropped his load in Redding Friday and was sent to Carlisle to pick up the next one, only it wasn't ready.  This means he was stuck there for the weekend.
Well, after a few brief phone calls, we manage to set it up that we'd head out there today and meet him for lunch.
Of course, this means that Saturday we ended up doing everything we were going to do today.  This included a trip up to BJ's to get diapers and other "needed" things.  Actually, I only picked up a few things that we don't normally buy, but it was all things that we will actually eat.
We had picked up a new car seat for Boo last weekend.  He's almost too big for the carrier seat, so we decided we should just get a new one.  It's a fairly nice one, except I'm not sure if we're going to keep it or not.  We'll give it a few more days.  I think Boo's big issue with it is that he's not used to it as opposed to his carrier.  My big issue is the chest clip can be very difficult to undo.  This isn't a problem if he's being calm and happy boy, but when he's being cranky because he wants out NOW, it's problematic.  I think I spent about 3 minutes arguing with it last night.  Oh well.  Like I said, we'll give it a few more days to see if I can deal with the clip or if we need to look for a different one.
So, back to meeting up with Raymond.  We left here at about 9:30 or so.  After stopping for gas before heading out, we end up in Carlisle by about noon.  (Yes, I went to the wrong truck stop first, but Gak didn't tell me, or I didn't remember, which one.)
Anyhow, we talked for a few minutes and then all piled into the Durrango to grab some lunch.  We ended up going to a Red Robin I'd seen a sign for a couple of miles back up 81.  Raymond had never been to one.  He enjoyed it and understands why we decided to go there.  He was also nice enough to pay for lunch.  (THANK YOU!!)  Boo took a little bit of time to warm up to him, but I think part of it was his general confusion with the new seat and the fact that he was hungry.
After Boo got fed, he was a much happier baby.  He was very good and actually let us all eat our lunches before deciding he'd been in the highchair too long.  That's one downside of not having the carrier, he's got to sit in the highchair.
Anyhow, we had a wonderful visit and he promises to call us the next time he gets stuck out this way for any time.  Even if we only have time to have dinner together, that would be great.  You make time for family, especially family who lives several states away.
Boo did very well on the ride home for the most part.  We stopped at Cabella's on the way home, as Mom had given Gak a gift card for there for Christmas.  We ended up getting him a pair of pants (that needs hemming) and a new shirt.  I ended up getting a new lightweight jacket that was on sale for $14, and Boo a monster fleece hat that was on clearance for $7.  (It was way too cute to pass up.)  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a pair of jeans for myself, but that's OK.  (I really could use another pair...)  The one pair I tried on had the classic problem of "it has stretch, we can cut it a size smaller!".  Uh... no, no you can't.  I can't begin to describe how embarrassing they were....
Anyhow, I've actually got to go to work tomorrow (boo-hiss).  Gramma Sue will be up, and that'll be nice.  So, I guess I should call it a night and get some sleep.
Peace to all and may you have good family reunions whenever and wherever you can.

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