Thursday, January 15, 2009


First off, I think Boo's appointment was the easiest part of the morning.
I forgot, it wasn't an actual checkup, but 2 shots.  I forget the one, but the other was the second half of his flu shot.  Yes, at this age they get two flu shots a month apart.  So, no, I don't know exactly how big my boy is now, except that he's probably around 28" and over 18 lb.  (I haven't stripped him down and put him on the scale at Gak's work... I'm not sure how Mike would like that... or Boo for that matter, the scale is metal and cold!)  He doesn't have another appointment until his 9-month (*gasp!*) appointment March 2nd.
Anyhow, it turns out that Boo's pediatrician was never listed as his primary care provider.  The doctor's office let me call and try and figure this out, but after going through the voice system, I got to "I can't help you *click*".  Great.  Anyhow, about 4 or 5 phone calls later and one failed attempt at doing it online (technical error, please call 800-xxx-yyyy, which was tech support, not account support...) I finally was able to add his provider and should actually see a card for him in the mail in the next few weeks.
Then I had to swing by the bank and deposit a check and some cash.  That went well, once I remembered to stop.
Then I had to stop by CVS and pick up my prescription.  Mind you, I'm not going to go into the whole battle about the new plan and cards that I went through yesterday.  Suffice to say, it took me forever to actually get my prescription and I think they over charged me to boot.  And I'm not even sure how much this silly thing will help me anyhow.  (Oh, and it will now be at least $90 every 3 months to refil my prescriptions.  Our cost wasn't supposed to go up, or at least that's what was implied, but that's at least $20 more than before...)
Stopping to pick up lunch was a bit of a fiasco, but not too bad.
Of course, I get in here to a "find B.E. about XYZ as soon as you can."  This has to do with a new site and a clueless person I've been trying to work with the last few days and all kinds of errors she's getting on her reports.  It looks like she was a bull in a china shop and tore out all kinds of things that shouldn't have been touched.  So, it's a mess.
I know this is petty, but I'm also kinda cranky at Gak.  For the 3rd day in a row he's forgotten to take the New Year's letters with him to work to mail.  I was hoping they'd have been in peoples' hands by today.  I mean, it's the 15th already!  Yes, it's something small.  And yes, he takes care of other things quite well.  I just wish that if he didn't want to take them in, he'd just tell me.  Unfortunately, he'll probably read this before I get a chance to tell him that face to face.  It sucks but some days it seems I'm better at hurting people than loving people.  I'm trying not to be self-centered about this, but it's hard.  I just want to do something, for once, that was on time and looks good and doesn't look like it was thrown together at the last minute (which it probably was...).  Why can't I ever do anything nice?
Anyhow, I'm just whining now, and that drives me insane to begin with.  Therefore, it is time for me to stop and wrap this up before I make anyone else mad at me or hurt anyone else's feelings.   (Somehow I think saying "thank you" for this morning to Gak won't fix this one...)

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