Sunday, January 11, 2009


Where did the week go?  I have no idea really.  It was a lot of the same as the beginning part of the week.
I did get a chance to play EQII a bit more this week.  I even got to spend some time questing on Thursday evening with my friends.  Of course, Charitee asked me how Boo has been sleeping, so of course I tell her great.  Well, that night he woke about 4 times between midnight and 2am.  Can we say ugh?  And how about sleep deprived Momma?  I have no idea what kept waking him up.  I don't see or feel teeth, but that doesn't mean a thing.  He doesn't appear to be sick or have an ear ache or anything else.  It could have been bad dreams.  Who knows?  Anyhow, I finally resorted to a dose of Tylenol and a midnight snack.  I have no idea which one or if it was the combination that worked.  
Friday he was a clingy boy all morning until he fell asleep again at 10.  Gak actually had to wake him to take him to day care!  He crashed very early Friday evening and slept through.  Yesterday was hit or miss, with one melt down in the middle of the day.  He did nap a good bit more than usual.  Of course, he also decided to wake up screaming at midnight again.  This time I wasn't playing any games.  Yes, I went for the Tylenol right away.  No, it's not what I would have done for myself, but I can actually tell people why I woke up screaming.  And no, I can't quite tell the "I'm in pain!" scream from the "I had a bad dream/I'm scared" panicked screech.  Especially at midnight when woken from a dead sleep.
Today wasn't such a good day.  He was very cranky and had a tendency to melt down at the slightest thing.  This included when I took an envelope away because it still had a bill inside.  (I made the mistake of leaving it within grabbing distance of his Bumbo at the kitchen table.)  Other times, he was perfectly happy to sit on the floor and play or bounce in the bouncer.  He crashed again early.  Here's hoping he stays down.  He did wake up once when I went to look in on him and snag something from my room.
Most days Boo is such a mellow little guy.  He's so happy to just sit on the floor and play, or play in the bouncer.  He's enjoying his toys so much these days.  Of course, he mostly enjoys dumping them on the floor, banging them together or on anything he can and most especially eating them.  But that's what he's supposed to be doing.  Building the leaning tower of Pizza will come later... after he's mastered knocking down Momma or Daddy's towers.  Can I tell you how much I love his laughs and giggles?  Especially when we're playing together.  Those giggles make everything else I have to deal with at work and elsewhere so worth it.
Anyhow, I'm tired and rambling.  Just though I'd better let you know that no, I didn't fall off the face of the planet.  We may be beginning the teething journey, but I've thought that a handful of times and always been proven wrong.  I won't claim it is teeth until I can actually see them poking through.  Until then, it's a possibility, but not the cause of the crankies.
I'm off to bed.
Yes, I do have some pictures from this week.  Yes, they're still on the camera.  Sorry.
Peace to all and may you not have the crankies.

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