Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Can I tell you how not happy I am with work these days?  It truly does seem like I'm being set up to fail.  I can't keep everyone even slightly happy and wow a few people.  I spent all day yesterday chasing my tail trying to make calls to people who may or may not be attending this conference because our business admin "couldn't" and also, some of these people I have worked with for so long, I thought it might go over better if I called.  Then I realize I've got 1 report in the new format that has hourly issues I've got to investigate, 2 reports in the new format that aren't working right and had to be sent up to software and 2 reports that haven't been even started because I can't get a hold of anyone who speaks English well enough to plug a stupid modem in or reboot a computer.
Oh, and they're all due on the 15th.
And Boo has his doctor's appointment the morning of the 15th.
And I have to call either my insurance company or his doctor to see why we got a $100+ bill the other day.
And I've got to totally revamp a training session that will be done in March, finish getting information together for this conference in February, including a bleeding agenda in the first place and not to mention all the slides.
Oh, and did I mention the 25-30 other work orders sitting in my bin, getting no love because I've been chasing my tail on training?  And answering stupid questions from people who have been doing this job for over 3 years?
Yeah, it was one of those Mondays.  It was so frustrating and overwhelming that it was hard to keep going at any of it, let alone be productive.  It was so tempting to just shut down and make it all go away for a while.  Only the realization that it won't go away and will only get worse kept me working at untangling any of the knots.
Of course, Boo had a very good day with GrammaSue.  We also had a good evening together.  Boo crashed really early again though.  I'm pretty sure he's going through a major growth spurt.  I'm sure we'll find out on Thursday.  I know he's around 18 lb, or maybe a little more now.  GrammaSue also says she thinks he suddenly got a lot taller.  He may have.  I noticed the other night that I might have to raise his bouncer again already.  He's not quite flat-footing it, but very close.
Well, I just wanted to whine a minute before heading off to the shower this morning.  I truly hope today will be more productive.  (Of course, half my problem is being torn between the guilt of not taking the laptop home to get some PowerPoint work done after Boo goes to bed and the guilt of even thinking of taking away time from my boys by working at home... Why are we so good at guilt?)
And no, no new pictures, they're still on the camera.  I had other chores to get done last night...
Here's hoping today goes more smoothly.
Peace to all and may you not feel like being in a no-win situation.

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