Saturday, January 31, 2009

Green Collar

Ok.  I don't normally post many particulars about my job or about world events.
This whole post stems from an email I got from my brother today (follow the link):

"A green job is just like a regular job only the result of what you are making or doing is good for the environment."
Way to be ahead of the curve!  I assume the administration change can only mean good things for your industry as they'll try to roll back Bush's relaxing of environmental codes.  But I guess that could also be annoying as your rules and guidelines change dramatically (again)."

As I was typing up my response, I figured it was worth repeating to the masses.  Sorry you get to read this twice Jon.  (There's more to my email to Jon, but it was family stuff that doesn't need to be put here yet....)

"Well, we both know that "green" has been important to me for quite some time.  Or at least attempting to be.  I've always said since I got this job that as long as there's the EPA then I'll have a job.  That's really a bit of a stretch.  It should be, as long as there's the EPA and people trying to use software, I'll have a job.  Most of the things that were loosened up under Bush, don't really affect me.  The only thing that was really up in the air while he was in office was this whole mercury thing.  We're still not sure exactly what's up with it, but we're game.  (The technology isn't there yet, the rules are hazy and environmentalists are complaining that the rules were enacted under the wrong part of the Clean Air Act.  How stupid is that??)  What would affect us in the future is if/when they start ratcheting down on refineries.
What has affected me was some reporting format changes.  It's almost like the IRS getting rid of the good, old, reliable 10-40 and making everyone, and I mean every person in the country, or at least head of household, get a brand new computer with a specific database system and import their tax information from the last 10 years from the national database and change some of the fields and required data, submit it all electronically through a checking software that's just now being written and has almost as many bugs as things right.  So, yes, that's my pain.  There are about 3,000 power plants and other affected by this.  We have well over 300 of these (and we're the second biggest player).  And just because there's 300 plants we're responsible for helping report, that doesn't mean there are only 300 reports.  Some plants have as many as 10 or 12 units at one site.  So, needless to say, that's why I've been stressed as anything this month.  The official cut-over is for 1st quarter 2009 reporting which is April.  So, I'll be even more cranky then.  The plants have had about 4 years notice on this change and this whole year to switch early if they wanted to and their software vendors were ready.  (We are... or at least as ready as we can be with the EPA making all kinds of last minute changes to what is being checked, how and how tightly the rounding is being applied."

Anyway, I managed to survive yesterday, barely.  The project that I was just going to whip through first thing in the morning in about an hour, took almost 6.  The other project that will take about 8 or more hours, I spent about 2 hours on.  And I spent an hour or so on my training duties.  While fighting off this horrible cough on little sleep.  (Yes, if I'm still feeling like I've been run over by a bus on Monday, I'll call the doctor, I promise.)

So, today I attempted to have a lazy day.  Except that Boo's feeding and nap schedule seemed to go to hell in a hand basket today.  He didn't want to nap, or only napped for a few minutes.  He did enjoy playing for a bit, but most of the time he just wanted held, but that wasn't always right either.  So, it's been a long day.  And to top it off, Gak had a dead day at work until about 2:30 and then everyone and their brother came in and he didn't get home until almost 4.  I wasn't able to get much of a nap even though I lay down for over an hour because our neighbors decided to play their stereo for me.  Ugh.

Anyway, tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  Since the Eagles got beat 2 weeks ago, I really am not sure I care who wins.  I could root for the Cardinals because Abi lives there now and I was a little bit of a fan way back when they were in St. Louis.  I could root for Pittsburgh (maybe) because they are from PA... but all the way on the other side of the state and there's a pretty big rivalry between the two halves of the state.  So, if there's anything going on over at Kat's, we may just go and enjoy the game and the company.  If not, I'll probably stay home and be a lump on the computer or in front of the TV.
Either way... it'll be good.
Well, I'm sure Gak's beginning to gnaw his arm off, I'm not sure what or if he's eaten today.  Off to try and make something half decent.  Look for 8-month dragon pictures in the next few days!  (Eek!  It can't be!)

Peace to all and may your team win and your job be green.

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