Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Week

It's been one of those weeks.  One where you think it'll never end.
Even though it was a short one and I had off on Monday.
We're winding down in reporting month and I don't feel like I've gotten ahead any.  I've got reports that need finishing, more work orders than any one person knows what to do with and a big training session to coordinate in Phoenix at the beginning of the month.
Oh, and I'll probably have to cancel the sessions we're holding that week in my office because I have one person signed up.  And that's with marketing.
That's just the work end of things.  Although, I must admit, my boss has almost spoiled me.  Since we only have one vehicle and it's been so bitter cold or icy several days the last few weeks, he's let me work from home in the morning and come in when I drop Boo and Gak off ad daycare and work.
Can I tell you how much I'm enjoying that?  Even though I spend all morning (usually) being way more productive at home than at the office and not playing with Boo.  I can enjoy listening to the boys play.  I can take a few minute break around 9 and get his breakfast ready.  I can get some random hugs and talk to both my guys if I want.  It's been wonderful, I just have to try hard not to abuse the privilege he's let me take and only use it when the weather really does warrant it.  I'll miss that excuse come spring.  (Although, I've been toying with the idea of getting him to let me make it official one or two days a week, like Tuesday and Thursday...)
Other than that, we haven't been doing a whole lot around here.  I have spent a bit of time flittering around in EQII.  On that front, good news from my perspective.  Gak has decided to come back to EQII instead of Warhammer.  Mostly because everyone he was playing with has left.  I guess he just hasn't made any other friends on there that he didn't already know.  He still enjoys the game and it's well done, but since I have no real interest in playing there and the others have left, he's put it on hold.  He probably will go back at some point when he gets bored with EQII again.  That's fine, I have no issues with that.  I've always said he can play what he wants.

Boo is doing well.  He's eating up a storm and growing like a weed.  Just like he's supposed to.  He's really enjoying his time playing on the floor, or in the playpen, with or without others, at daycare.  I do worry he's not getting enough milk though.  He's really decreased the amount he drinks in a day.  I still nurse him first thing in the morning and right before bed.  Instead of four 4 oz. bottles a day, he may get a total of 3.  Of course, 4 to 6 oz or so is used to mix up his cereal.  Like I said, he's growing well and is as long and lean as ever.  There really isn't much baby fat on this boy.  So, at least I know I'm not over feeding him.  We shall see.  The last two afternoons at daycare he hasn't taken his 4:30 bottle at all.  Therefore, even though I wouldn't always be giving him cereal at dinner, I mix some up with about half that bottle and then he gets a bit more with his bedtime nurse.  (Although, I'm sure that's mostly just comfort nursing at this point...)

I do have things to say about the inauguration, but they just don't seem to fit in this post.  I was able to watch most of it from home, as I worked from home that morning.  (Actually, that was one of my few non-productive mornings at home...)  I was impressed.  I was impressed by the number of people, the speakers the speeches and the ceremony.  As always, it was amazing to watch the peaceful transfer of power we take for granted every four (or 8) years that so many people literally would and do die to have in their own countries.  I think we're off to a good start but everyone of us has a long, hard road ahead to get back out of this mess.  Some of it's been a long time coming, some of it has been mistakes made in more recent history.  A good part of it has been laziness on all of our parts.  Hey, I admit, if I don't have to do it, why should I?

I'm just rambling now and not even attempting to connect my thoughts.  I'm off to shower so I can get to work and get this week done.  I'll try and be more interesting next week.  There are new pictures up at any rate, and more on the camera too.
Peace to all and may your thoughts be coherent and there be a bit of hope in your life.

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