Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stray Thoughts and Randomness

How come I come up with the best blog posts in the shower or while pumping or at some other inconvenient time?
And how come I can't remember them later?
I have lots to say from the past few days, but I don't know what it all is or how I want to say it.  There's been a lot bouncing around in my head that I want to get out, but it won't sit still long enough to get there.
I'll give it a shot.  Please forgive me if this is even more random than usual.
Yesterday was Monday.  It feels like Monday was actually a week ago, but no, it was only yesterday.  We're getting to the end of the line for this reporting month and I'm still not sure the light at the end of the tunnel is the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train.  I guess I'll find out Friday.  To say this one has been challenging would be an understatement.  I'm still arguing with a couple of sites and their conversion to the new format and connection issues.  That and next Thursday is that training session in Phoenix that I've got to get JD ready for.  Oh, and there's about 30 other things on my plate, but I really have no idea what they are.  I think there were about 10 phone calls I was supposed to make today that I didn't.  Oh well.  That's life.
Yesterday, I was talking about yesterday.
Gak calls me yesterday around noon.  We got a letter from the Marshes, who were friends with my Gram for many years and lived in the same community in Maryland.  (They used to go to the same church ages and ages ago is how they met.)  Jackie was thanking me for the letter and pictures I'd sent her.  She also sent me a copy of a poem that Gram wrote ages ago and read for a talent show or something they'd had a few years ago and thought Mom and I would enjoy.  She also included a copy of what she wrote for Gram's memorial service.
I didn't know how to respond.  I just stopped for a heartbeat and couldn't say anything.  Gram's been on my mind a lot recently.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's because her 86th birthday would be Monday.  Maybe it's because Gak and I were talking about going down to Delaware for a long weekend sometime this summer.  Whatever the reason, she's been on my mind.
It was really nice to get a piece of her writing.  She wrote a lot.  Some of it was funny, some of it serious, some good, some not-so-good.  I think that I get my urge to keep this blog from her.  She always talked about writing a memoir.  She was always encouraging me to keep a journal and write things.
Of course, this reminds me of a really good book I read years ago called These is My Words.  It was a Western and a memoir and a bit of a romance (ick) all rolled into one... or something.  It was very earthy and "real" and written like a journal.
Anyhow, I get side tracked again.  Anyway, Gram's been on my mind a lot and it was great to get some of her writing.  I really need to write Jackie and Dave back and thank them.  They were great friends with my Gram and are wonderful people.

I know I had more to say, but it's almost 8:45 now and I'm getting tired and I know I'm not making much sense.  Like I said, there's a lot bouncing around in my head, but I just can't seem to get it to settle enough to come out in any kind of way that makes sense.
I'm off to go get a glass of milk and go to bed.  Maybe I'll sleep tonight.
Peace to all and may your thoughts actually settle long enough to be thought.

P.S. I did update the Flickr... go... look...

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