Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wild Weather

Well, can the weather get any weirder??
This picture is of Boo that GrammaSue took yesterday.  The face says it all.  Anyone who's following baseball knows that for the first time in World Series history, they stopped a game.  Well, more like put it on indefinite rain delay.  If they'd called the game after the 5th, the Phills would have won and we'd be planning a big party.  Now all kinds of chaos is breaking loose.
Not only did it rain like crazy last night, this morning it is snowing!
No, I don't have pictures.  I only have my camera phone with me and I can't get it to send out pictures for some reason.
On my drive down here, it was raining quite a bit.  The temp on the bank sign said 33 degrees.  There were some pretty solid rain drops.  By the time I got down here to work, it was snowing for real.  It has gotten quite heavy and is actually sticking.  They were calling for 3" in the Poconos, but nothing here.  What's really funny is that it's not snowing 15 miles north of here or about the same south of here.  It's just this one little area where hte conditions are just right.
It's a good thing GrammaSue brought up the snow suit yesterday that they bought Boo.  Luckily he and Daddy got a ride from Uncle Scott.  Unfortunately, Uncle Scott called about 3 minutes before getting there.  So Boo went to day care today in his sleeper and his snow suit.  Daddy did get a picture of Boo in the snow suit.  It's a little big on him.  I'll post that one tomorrow.
Boo also got something really cute in the mail yesterday.  He got a new dino from Nana in OK.  I got several pictures of Boo and his two dino buddies playing in the crib this morning.  They're still on the camera, but look for them tomorrow!

Anyhow, I've got to get back to work.  I'm feeling a little bit under the weather (haha) with a bit of a cold and it's almost the end of reporting month.... Can we say crazy???  (Actually, I need to run out for soft tissues as opposed to the sandpaper that is free around here and some cough drops...)

Peace to all and may your weather behave itself!

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