Sunday, October 05, 2008

That's It!

Subtitle: I just can't win today.

Actually, today started out fairly well. I got to sleep in until almost 8. Boo slept in until just a little after 8. I made waffles for breakfast and the new recipe is yummy. (I used half whole wheat and half regular flour and brown sugar instead of white.) Boo had a good morning and a nice morning nap.
Gak and I even got some cleaning/straightening up done while Boo napped. After that Boo and I went and did laundry and Gak cleaned the bathroom a bit and did the floors. (The dust bunny colony under the crib has been evicted.)
We even finally got the too large dishwasher out of the apartment. (Mike's putting it up on Ebay for us...) We also did a quick grocery run. Boo had a good feeding around 4 and slept for almost an hour!
So far this sounds like a wonderful day, and it was. The weather was perfect. (I wouldn't have used the dryers at all if I'd had a close line to put stuff up on...) Boo was having a good, although very slightly clingy, day. We got stuff done that had been bugging us for a while.
Well, I start to get supper ready and Boo wakes up. No big deal, Daddy will keep him occupied. Well, maybe not. Boo woke up a happy little boy but within minutes melted down into hysterics. Changed the diaper, no help there. He just woke up and had eaten only an hour ago. (He had eaten very well, so I truly doubt he was hungry.) He just was not a happy camper. While Gak manages to somehow console our little man, I manage to get dinner in the oven and the dishwasher started. A chicken to roast and a kugle. It has been a long while since I've made either, but no biggy. I had picked up the chicken, ready to bake, a few weeks back, but put it in the freezer because I knew I wouldn't be able to use it that day. I took it out Friday morning before work figuring by today it would be thawed. (It's not a very big bird, enough for the two of us with enough leftovers for a lunch.)
Fast forward just shy of an hour to about 6:00. Boo's being fussy, but Gak's got him mostly happy for the moment. (He was in his bouncy and alternately giggling like crazy or fussing and out of sorts.) I check and the kugle is burnt on top. Crap. (For those who don't know, kugle is a Jewish noodle casserole and there are as many recipes as there are cooks...) That's OK. The whole thing isn't burnt, it's just extra, extra crispy on top. I take it out, but leave the bird in. (The kugle went in about 20 minutes after the bird, so I knew the bird needed a little more time...) I set the table and take the bird out. I futs around for a few more minutes to let the bird rest and then move it to the cutting board to carve. Well, the first challenge was getting it out of the cooking bag. The skin stuck quite well in places, but that's OK. Then the first wing fell off nicely when I barely poked at it. The leg was being a bit more stubborn, then I noticed that it wasn't cooked all the way and the juices now flowing were decidedly not clear. Crap. The bird isn't done. It was still frozen in the middle.
Well, after a consoling call to my mom, I put the bird back in the oven and go play with my son a bit. After a bit, he gets fussy again, and I realize that he's probably hungry. So I feed him and he falls asleep. (Yes, he'll probably wake up just in time to go back to sleep...) I then go check on dinner.
I forgot to turn the oven back on.
Triple crap.
I announce to Gak that it's a fend for yourself night, the chicken will be leftovers. So, I'm finishing up a ham and cheese sandwich instead of a nice chicken dinner.
Oh well, these days will happen.

Oh, posts may be a little sporadic from me for the next few weeks. (As if you haven't noticed by my 4 day absence...) It's crunch time at work and so I have even less energy than usual.
Yes, I do have some more pictures of Boo from this week.
No, you won't see them today. With my luck this evening.... *shudder*

Oh, and Spore is as evil and addicting as any Maxis Sim game. After getting the game from my brother on Thursday, I've fiddled around with it quite a bit and have moved on to the "creature" phase on a planet. The biologist in me is both loving and hating parts of it. It's neat that there are different "levels" to the features, but what you did last time with your creature doesn't really make a difference this time. Oh well, it's a game and a cool and fun one at that. Maybe I'll get some screen shots of that too... who knows.

Anyhow, I'm off to see if the chicken is done now and to check on my boy, I think he's waking.

Peace to all and may your adventures work.

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