Friday, October 17, 2008

Boo and His Ball

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(I meant to post about this last night... but forgot...)
So, this picture, taken a month ago now, is of Boo playing with one of his favorite toys. This is an Oball that was sent to him by a family friend. He loves the ball. We love the ball. It keeps him occupied, happy and exploring his world.
That is until about 2 weeks ago now.
It went missing.
For over a week.
Luckily, after doing a quick Google search, I found this wonderful toy store, Fat Brain Toys. I can't say enough good things about this company. They stock so many really cool and really fun toys and they're all educational in some way, shape or form. You can search their site by age, type of toy and all kinds of things. For those who want to buy toys from a specific country (or Not China), they even give you search options for that too. They tell you what country the toy is made in and all kinds of other information. They carry things that you'd never find anywhere else, at least not for these prices. I was so happy with my shopping experience. (And yes, if anyone is looking to buy him something for the holidays, this would be a great place to look...)
But, anyhow, back to the ball. Since the ball went missing, and we'd seen a cool one that Daniel has while there for his birthday, I had to order two new balls. I ordered a new one that was the same size as the one he has as well as one that has rattles in four of the rings.
Of course, two days after I order the new balls, I find his old one. It was hiding in the drawer under the crib... the one filled with sheets and blankets. I'm guessing Zoe thought she was being helpful and put it away when she was over the week it went missing.
The balls arrived on Wednesday. Let me tell you, the rattle ball is a hit. We love these balls for their bright colors, their light weight and great design. Boo can pick them up with no problems at all and wrap his fist around one or more of the rings. It's funny to watch him try and shove it in his mouth. He can get it up to his mouth, but hasn't figured out how to chew on it yet. Instead, he spends a lot of time licking the rings. It's really cute.
I'll try and get pictures of him with the new ones. But let me tell you, I'm glad we've got three now. The rattle and original stay at home, the other new one stays in the diaper bag.
Well, I'd better get back to work....
Peace to all and may there be wonderful toys in your life.

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