Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, yesterday was Boo's 4.5 month check-up. It went very well. As usual he's got all the ladies in the office charmed as soon as we show up. Everyone is impressed at how big he's getting and how cute he is.
Here's the vital stats. He put on just shy of 1lb to come in at a hefty 15lb, 15 oz. He grew an amazing 1.25 inches to 25.75 inches tall! He's getting long and lean. He also received 3 immunizations and decided to bleed all over Momma's shirt while she held him to comfort him after. That's OK. He actually settled down fairly quickly this time.
His doctor felt all around in his mouth and she couldn't feel any possible teeth. I guess that just means Sunday and Monday were just bad days. We'll have those. (I thought the front of his bottom gums were looking a little whiter then they were, but I was probably just searching for some reason why he was so miserable but had no fever or any other symptoms of not feeling well.)
Boo has had quite a good couple of days. He's been pretty happy and content most of the time. He even stayed up until almost 8:30 tonight! Well, he snoozed for a bit and wasn't really fully awake until then, but still. We went on our walk with Chris and Diane tonight. It was fun, if a little cool and quite dark. I'm not too sure how thrilled I am with the idea of walking after dark. Oh well, it got me out of the house and gave me a chance to see some of my friends.
Work is still work. It continues to go. I haven't let too many balls hit me in the head, so I think I'm doing OK. I'm beginning to loose my focus though, and that's never a good thing. I'll try much harder tomorrow to get it back. There are still plenty of things that need my attention and the end of the month is approaching way to quickly.
It's funny, but as fast as October seems to be speeding away in regards to work, it still feels like the election is a million years away and I just can't wait for it all to be over with so I won't come home to a dozen "missed calls" from "Unknown" on my phone. I really let one caller have it who had called around 8:30 the other night. Unfortunately, it was just one of those dialers with no one or no message on the other end. It felt good when I was yelling at someone for calling late enough to wake my boy, but disappointing to know I really wasn't yelling at anyone. I so hate these calls. Maybe I should register with a party just so I'll only get half the calls than I do now... Bah.
Well, that's enough politics for me.
How about dem Phillies?! For the first time in 15 years they've made it to the big series. It looks like Tampa will be the American League representative this year. I hope they're good games. Deep down, I really do hope the Phillies win, even though I'm nice and say "just so long as they're good games it doesn't matter..." Baloney. Philly hasn't won a major championship in any of the big four in 25 years. I'm not sure of any other city with four big league teams that hasn't had some kind of win. Well, we did have the Philadelphia Soul win the Arena Football championship. Too bad the Eagles aren't following suit. (You've got to love a team owned by Jon BonJovi.... I mean... he's all grown up and still that hot!... sorry Gak.... but you're still the one and only for me!)
Anyhow, I think I've rambled on long enough. I'd written a post Tuesday while I was at lunch, but I don't think I want to post it. (Besides, it's sitting on the hard drive of my work laptop and well... it's at work...) I needed to get a few things about life off my chest and I did... I just don't think I need everyone else reading it. At one point when writing it, maybe. But two days later... I think it's better hidden on my hard drive.
Well, I'm off to finish my book. (I'm finally getting a chance to read Hoot, you know, the book that the movie was based off a few years back with Jimmie Buffett in it. It's pretty good and a little surprising for a teen book, but mostly in good ways.)
Peace to all and may your sports teams win, your loved ones thrive and work be tolerable.

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