Sunday, October 19, 2008

Play Time!

Well, it's been a good weekend.  Saturday was busy.  After laundry, Boo and I came home and had a good day.  We played, he napped a bit, we played some more.  Then we went to pick up Daddy.
A few weeks back my friend Ellen at work gave me a visitor's coupon to BJ's Warehouse.  That was both a good and bad thing.  One thing with these places, you've got to know what you normally pay for things.  We found some really good prices, some average prices and some that were actually higher than what we've been paying.  What we found a great deal on was diapers.
Yep, that's right.  We found diapers for about a nickle a diaper less than what we've been paying.  I've been getting them for about $0.23 - $0.025 a diaper, but at BJs the same brand were only $0.19 a diaper!  I figure those savings alone will pay for the $40/year membership fee.  We also got a good deal on some other staples.  It's a good thing we don't have tons and tons of storage space.  That way I won't over buy.  I didn't buy anything we don't use, but... I've noticed that if we have lots of it, we don't seem to want it, but if there's not much, it goes fast.  Who knows?
After our big trip up to BJs, we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and a quick stop at Target.  I had to buy bottle liners.  (They only had the 8oz ones at BJs, and weren't a lot cheaper anyhow.  Yes, we still use 4oz ones.)  The big purchase at Target was a wonderful thing for Boo.  We surprised him with it this morning, as you can see from the picture above.  This is the "Baby Einstein" brand bouncer/play station.  They have a couple of "exersaucers" at his daycare and he really likes them.  He loves being up, and he loves bouncing.  This seemed like the best of both worlds.  There are lots of neat toys on it, and lots places to add new toys.  Boo really seems to like it.  The first time we had him in it this morning, he played quite happily for almost a half hour!  That's an eternity to a 4.5 month old.  It's great because it's really easy to play with him while he's in it.  It's rated for up to 25 lb, so I'm thinking he'll be able to have quite a lot of fun for quite a long time.  It's also got 6 height settings, and currently he's using it on the shortest.
Anyhow, today was a good, mostly lazy kind of day.  We played, ran a few quick errands and played some more.  There were a few melt down moments, but usually due to the attack of the nap monster.
Well, I think this is where I'm going to end this today.  I really don't want to think about work, and that's all that I've really got left to talk about.
Peace to all and may you have great weekends and great toys.

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Flauta Mom said...

On the bottle liners: because he is having yummy mommy's milk, he will never need to drink more than 4oz or so at a time.. gotta love custom-made milk *grin*

Great find on the diapers! woo hoo!

You also don't need to change his nipple to a faster flow either, your boobs don't get any faster (haha)