Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Good and The Not-So-Good

Well, unfortunately for Gak and Gramma Sue, Boo wasn't having all that good of a day yesterday.
Sunday was a good day, mostly.  He didn't want to be put down and really, really wanted to be "up".  So, we took a couple of walks.  (Oh, darn, the weather was beautiful.)  He did take several short naps, even letting Momma and Daddy get ones themselves (at different times) and a little snuggle time at "shfit change".
It's really hard to see any change in his mouth, but I'm really pretty sure he's got two teeth coming in.  He was very, very, very cranky most of yesterday.  Again, he didn't want to be put down or even lay in Daddy's arms.  He wanted "up".  Gak ended up wearing him in the carry pouch a good portion of the morning.  He oscilated between very cranky and all smiles in the afternoon for Gramma Sue.
I almost hate to admit it, but he was an angel for me most of the evening.  (I only hate to admit it after such a cranky day for Daddy and Gramma Sue...)  He had a few fussy moments, but he and I watched most of the Tampa at Boston game.  (Go Rays!)  He even let me put him in his bouncy for a bit so I could get some supper (two hot dogs wraped in tortillias with cheese and nuked).  Before that, he even was content to lay on the sofa playing with me and some of his toys for a good long bit.  It was just almost 7:30 before he declared bedtime.  So, bedtime it was!
Oh, I guess you're wondering about the picture at the top of the post.
This picture is from Sunday.  Yes, no one is holding him up.  No, Boo did not push himself into a sitting position.  No, he can't hold that position long.  Yes, he can sit much better than he could just a week ago.
Boo still isn't very interested in rolling over yet.  He makes some vauge attempts while playing on his back and wants to reach for something.  He doesn't really think about it when he's on his tummy, unless he's too tired of pushing up.  He doesn't resist when and stiffen up when I roll him over though, so that's a start.  He'll get there soon enough.  Probably too soon.  It's just so neat to watch him discover these things.  It really is a wonderful thing.

As for me, well, it's October.  It's crunch time.  We're halfway through though.  It hasn't been quite as painful as it could be, but again we're halfway through and these things have a habit of turning suddenly and becoming hell on earth.
One good bit of news though.  For the first time in just over 8 years, I've been rewarded by my boss for a good job.  (Well, maybe the second.  About 4 years ago now my then boss Bert pushed like crazy to get me a very sizable raise, but it was mostly to bring my pay up closer to where everyone elese's is.  Although, if I hadn't been a good performer, he wouldn't have pushed for it.)
I went into work yesterday and opened my email.  And there was a surprise waiting for me.  A voucher for $100 to the corporate gift certificate site.  I almost didn't believe it.  But there it was!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  The title of the "award" is 'Dinner for Two', but with the places on the list and the way Gak and I order, $100 would cover 4 of us...  So, I'm thinking about a $50 card at a resteraunt Gak and I like and $50 either at L.L. Bean or Barnes and Noble.  Either one would be nice.  I just have to decide.  There were lots of options.  I'm almost glad though, that none of the "baby" ones were to places I go to.  As much as I love spoiling (or trying to spoil) my little boy, I need to remember to spoil myself a little bit too.  (Besides, he'll get to enjoy the dinner too, just later...)
This just goes to show that there has been a huge shift in management, at all levels.  The business manager has been here not quite a year and already he's made many changes for the better.  I think we've finally got a good one.  Our first business leader under corporate wasn't much older than I was at the time (and this was 6 years ago...) and she just didn't have the experience or skills to handle the job well.  The second was much older, much more set in his ways and wasn't quite flexable or approachable enough.  This guy, I like.  He's young, but not too young.  (His youngest is a senior in high school.)  He's tough and strict about things when he has to be.  If you mess up, he'll call you on it.  But more in the way of a favorite coach or understanding parent.  He has a sense of humor (lacking in the second guy...) and is friendly and approachable with problems.  You want to do well for this guy.
And I think that my manager will sucessfully make the transition from engineer to leader.  He demands a lot from us, but no more than he knows we're capable of.  He pushes us to be better, sometimes well, sometimes he's a little arrogant, but that's just him.
Eep!  I just looked at the clock.  I've got to get dressed and wake up Boo.
Spell check will have to wait.
Peace to all and may you get your just deserts and may your loved ones have good days.

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