Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week Two

I've started week two of returning to work. Or maybe it's week 1.5, I'm not sure. Last week was a short week and short days. This week is full days and a full week. I'm surviving though. Yesterday was a long day. I was almost productive. I got about half of what I set out to do done, but don't get too excited, I didn't plan very much.
Gak had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon and my mom took him there and everyone at the office couldn't get over how cute Boo is. After Gak's appointment he went to work and GrammaSue had lots of boy time.
Boo did very well. I woke him up around 6:30 for "breakfast" and he went back to sleep afterwords. He didn't wake up again until about 9:30. He ate very well for Daddy and for Gramma Sue. I think he went through 4 bottles and had just started on his 5th when I walked in the door. Since he's been sleeping through the night, or at least not waking up hungry and fussy, for the last few weeks, he's been eating every 2 hours or so during the day. Yesterday was an exceptionally hungry day. (I was able to pump just enough to keep up yesterday, here's hoping I can continue this....)
I had an enjoyable evening with Gramma Sue. At about 6:30 we dropped off the truck for Gak so he could go to Warhammer. Ed is on vacation this week, so Gak didn't have a ride. We then went out to dinner at Applebee's. Boo was happy and mellow through most of the dinner, only getting fussy right near the end. Although, I think he really wanted to try Mom's desert. It looked really yummy. (I'll stick with my little bit of strawberry cheesecake though... it had fresh berries!)
Boo was good all morning for Gak as well. Boo loves his Bumbo. He's very happy to just sit up and watch the world. He'll keep himself happily amused just staring at things. I think this weekend we'll get the tray for the chair so we can put toys within reach for him. I'm not sure how interested he really is in grabbing and playing with his toys, but he'll bat at the ones hanging over him on his bouncy chair. I'm sure before I turn around three times he'll have his toys strewn all over the house and will complain quite loudly if we go anywhere without his current favorite.
Gak just had the "joy" of dropping off Boo at daycare for the first time. Boo cried the whole walk there. (Although, Gak thinks this may be partially due to the fact that he might not have had the straps on the carry pouch right....) I was amazed by this, because Boo didn't fuss a bit when I took him, he just accepted that we were going for a drive. Who knows. Gak did say it was very hard to leave the boy at the center. It sucks, but in the long run it'll be better for both him and us.
No, I don't have any new pictures. Well, I lie, I have one or two from last night, but they're still on my camera and that's at home. It's been a week since I've really taken any pictures of my boy! I'm a very bad Momma for that one. He changes so much if you just blink, let alone let a whole week go by! Maybe I'll be able to convince Gak to use the camera a bit more, since I'm not home in the mornings any more. (That really sucked to type....)
Anyhow, I'd better get going. I took an early lunch and need to get a few more things done before I have to get back to work.
Peace to all and may you have many hugs in your life.


Flauta Mom said...


I'm glad Boo is taking a bottle!

Read the link above to make sure he isn't being overfed, as five bottles sounds like a lot... unless they were 2oz each.



Addey said...

His bottles were aprox 3.4 to 4 oz each for aprox. 20 oz. He only fed once in the morning and once in the evening from me (and not very long at that...) and slept through the night. Therefore, I'm thinking he's at the upper end of 19-30 oz, but still within "average".

Flauta Mom said...

So he is still sleeping the night, then everything looks good.


We overfed Claudia inadvertently when she started with the bottle, so I worry