Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long But Good Day

Today was a long day, but it was a good one.

Well, other than the fact that it started with a funeral. I didn't mention this earlier in the week, because I was going to post about it today. My ex-boyfriend John's dad passed away Tuesday night. He had collapsed on his way out the door a week and a half before. He never really came to after it and at best he would have been all but a vegetable if he'd left the hospital. This really was sudden and came as quite a shock.
It was a good funeral, as far as funerals go. It was great to see everyone, but I wish it had been under so much better circumstances. At least he was around long enough to see John and Jen get married last month. (I am still very, very happy for them. Jen is so much better for John than I was. They mesh well in more ways then he and I ever did. They truly are happy together, as well they should be.) Boo behaved himself quite well through the whole thing, with only a few fussy moments until he could be distracted by either my pinkie or a bottle.
In some ways this brings my relationship with John full circle. We first met at Kat's dad's funeral back in 1999. He had gone to that funeral because Kat had gone to the house to visit when John's dad was recovering from his heart attack the fall before. (Andy, Zoe's daddy, knew John since high school....) So, in a weird way it's kind of appropriate that one of the first times in the 4.5 years since we split that I see him is at his father's funeral. What' really, really weird though, is that his father and Gak's father had the exact same name... James Richard. (I'd forgotten that until today...)

Anyhow, after the funeral we went back to Kat's because she had given me and Boo a ride. Zoe had done fairly well the entire morning and into the afternoon. Boo hadn't really slept much and I was hoping he'd take a nap. I didn't get that wish.

Shortly after we got there Scott came by and we went and launched Zoe's rocket in the field out back. We launched it a couple of times until the last time the wind shifted just a little bit and it landed in a tree, instead of the field. Oh well. Maybe it'll blow down. Like I told Zoe, this is the perfect excuse for her and Scott to build another one. They had a lot of fun with this one. I remember that my brother and I had a lot of fun with rockets for a bit when we were younger.

It was a very hot and sunny day. Boo was a little cranky from that. (He did snooze for about 10 minutes during the rocket launching...) After he cooled down a bit, we decided to go on an adventure.

We went to Uncle Frank's pool across the street. I had picked up a 12-month sized swim suit from Target the other week and Kat still had some leftover swim diapers from when Zoe was little. both were very big on him, but between the two, it fit. (Although, he had a major case of balloon pants in the water.) Boo and I didn't make it off the step, but we had a good time overall. He didn't giggle and splash around, but he didn't scream when I put him in the water and floated him on his back a bit. I take this as a win. We would have gone in but the pool was a little cold, so we just stayed on the steps. So, for a first experience, it was a good one. I may see about joining the Y over the winter so we can go swimming in their pool. It'll be a great experience for him and good exercise for me. (Not to mention much needed Momma and Boo time!)

We were going to stay over at Kat's for a while longer this evening, but by about 6:30 Boo had hit the wall. We left there shortly before 7 and after a quick stop at the drive through, were home by about 7:20. Boo was sound asleep in his car seat so I just picked him up and wrapped him up in his bed. Even though he went to bed early, I get the feeling he's going to sleep well and long tonight. (At least I hope so.... I've got laundry to do in the morning...)

Well, I'm going to wrap this up here.

Oh, but before I go, here's a picture of the wonderful necklace that Gak got me for our third anniversary. I still have no idea what I'm getting him... and I have until Wednesday to figure it out. I'm doomed!
And as always, more pictures over on Flickr!

Peace to all and may your days be good.

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