Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bad Momma Blogger

Well, I haven't been a very good Momma Blogger this week. Part of it is I just keep running out of time. Part of it is, I just don't feel like writing anything and part of it is that I either have time or ideas, but not both.
Friday was Boo's 2-month checkup. (Yes, we're about a half-month off, but hey whatever...) It was at his doctors' new offices. They're really great. Much more room than the old place and everything is so shiny and new. Boo is doing great. He put on exactly two pounds and is up to 13 lb. 4 oz.. He's also up to 24 inches. This puts him right about the 75th percentile. I've got a big boy. I thought he'd put on a little more weight, but nope. That's OK. He's gaining weight at just the right rate, so nothing to worry about. As usual, he impressed the socks off of everyone with how cute he is and how string he is. The boy is pure muscle. Yes, there are a few baby rolls on his legs, but there's no excess baby fat on his belly or anywhere else. The trick is to keep him active enough so that it stays that way. (Looks in the mirror and shudders....)
The down side is he got four immunizations: three shots and one orally. I agree with their need, but man has it thrown him for a loop. He was really out of it for half of Friday and slept a lot. He ate as much as usual though, so that's a good thing. Yesterday was a bit of a cranky day, but I blame that mostly on not taking more than a 20 minute nap at any point in time. Today he was sporadically cranky as well. Actualy, when he was upset, it was almost a totally random, out of nowhere, scream. I have no idea.
Today we did get a chance to go down to BabiesRUs and some other shopping. We've started picking up a few pieces now and again of warmer clothes, as the seasons are beginning to think about turning. (We've had some amazingly nice weather for August the last week or two...) (And if you're wondering, he's still wearing 3-6 month shirts for now and should be for a few more months... and finally 3-6 month pants don't look ridiculous...) Boo behaved wonderfully through it all. He was a little fussy at one point, but that's because he was hungry. Smart Momma actually remembered to snag a bottle out of the fridge before we left so it was at "room" temperature by the time he wanted it.
Gak was a bit evil today though. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and he ducked into Game Stop next door. He picked up a demo for a new game that's coming out.... Spore. If you haven't heard of it, go look it up. If you have and have fallen into the addiction that it is, I'm stuck there too. I can't wait for the full game to come out. It'll be quite interesting. I mean, it's being done by Maxis and EA. EA has the power and Maxis is the creator of all the Sim games. (I still enjoy Sim City, but don't have a version loaded onto this machine.... talk about a time sink....)
Gak also got me an early anniversary present. (Have I mentioned I'm horrible about this gift buying thing? And that I'm beginning to panic because our anniversary is on the 27th and Gak's birthday is less than a month after that and I have no ideas??) He went out to go pick up some soda and catch up with a few people. He also went and got me a new necklace to replace the one I'd been wearing. The one I'd been wearing broke again a week or two after Boo was born, and I'd lost enough of the beads that I really couldn't restring it. I was feeling pretty naked without it. I mean, I'd been wearing a necklace of some description almost non-stop since sometime in high school.... I was quite floored by the one he got me. It's one of those 3 diamond ones. No, they're not very big, but they're real. (Heck, I would have been happy if they were just plain old quartz....) It's a really nice one, it almost looks like a section of our wedding bands. Three twists of white gold surrounding the stones. I love it. It really is special, almost as special as Gak is. I truly couldn't imagine my life without him and can barely remember our life without Boo. All is good in the world.
We'll see how good I feel about the world tomorrow though. Tomorrow is my first full day back at work. This is going to be a very long week I fear. At least tomorrow Boo will be with Gak in the morning and Gramma Sue in the afternoon. I hope Boo has a good day and takes it easy on his daddy and his gramma. Tuesday will be the first day Gak has to walk Boo to daycare in the afternoon. We'll see how that goes as well. I've got my fingers crossed. I'll try not to panic or worry too much, but no promises.
Well, I'd best get going I think. I'd like to read a few pages before I go to bed. I've got to set the alarm for 6 so I can make it out of the house on time. (I'm hoping that I'll be able to wake Boo long enough for breakfast in the morning.)
Peace to all and may your weekends have been good and you have love in your life.

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