Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Adventures

Well, yesterday went well. Actually, it went a good bit better than I thought. I wasn't anywhere near the wreck I thought I would be. This picture is from when we first got to the day care center and I put him in his crib there.
The morning went well. We had plenty of snuggle time and just hanging out. He played a bit on his Boppy mat with his new toy and I just enjoyed being here with him.

I made sure we had everything we needed and left here with a heavy heart just before noon. I had a little bit of paperwork at the center to finish filling out, and I didn't want to just drop him off and run out right away on his first day. I'm still really happy with the place. It's friendly and small. There's one other little boy in the infants, and 3 or 4 girls I think. Joey, the other little boy, is 1 month older than Boo and the younger brother of another boy at the center. I'm sure these two will get along just fine. It'll be good for Boo to make friends.

I did cry, at least a little. But not much and not until I got back into the car. I was pretty much fine with everything by the time I got to work. I had to put myself into work mode because I knew there would be quite a bit I'd need to be filled in on and catch up with, even though I'd been checking my mail frequently while on leave.

It wasn't an overly productive day for me, but it was a good day overall. I got a lot of the emails I'd looked at while on leave filed and taken care of. I got my bin of work orders sorted out. (They were using it as a temporary holding area for things that need quotes...) I also talked a bit with the temporary manager (who I've always liked... he's an original, not a corporate guy...) about some of the things coming up and how we could possibly combine trips and who would be best for what and the like. I really do like this guy. I wish we could have him full time and permanently. He'd do wonders for the department. The old manager was a good boss, but a lousy manager. His way of getting things done was to pound his chest and complain loudly, but not very effectively. This guy puts his actions where his words are and isn't afraid to tell people to go to and pound sand. That and he's willing to teach you how to do things.

I think this will work out well. It'll take a bit to get everything in order and set up, but for the first time in ages, I have hope that this will work out.

In other kiddo news, we got him a baby chair called a Bumbo. I've heard good things about this seat and I really like it. Since Boo has such good head control already and loves sitting up in our laps, we went ahead and bought one, even though they suggest for 3 months and up.

As you can see, he likes it. Well, maybe you can see that from this picture. I like it because he can sit up and "join in the conversation" while we're at the table and I can still have my hands free. He likes it because he gets to sit up and "join the conversation" and see what's going on. It is nice and lightweight and very portable. I think this is what will eventually replace his bouncy seat once he's too big for it.

His next doctor's appointment is Friday morning. I'm sure he's pretty close to 14 pounds now. He's HUGE. For grins and giggles on Monday, I pulled out his hospital anklet, and it won't go all the way around any more, it's about an inch too short. He's really beginning to fill out his 3-6 month outfits, although the pants still don't fit well. He's long enough, but the boy has no butt. He's all muscle. My boy is strong.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up and go see if he's about to wake up. (He's in his swing at the moment and I took the opportunity to shower, upload pictures and post this....)

Peace to all and may your adventures be good.

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