Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday.... Tuesday.....

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Boo did sleep all night Saturday, much to my relief.
Sunday was an "eat and sleep" day for the boy. Like the rest of us, he just needed a "down" day after such a busy one. I didn't really complain much... except that he was always hungry. But he did sleep and did sleep through the night as well.
Gramma Sue came up Sunday evening because both Gak and I had to be at work by 8am yesterday. Yes, Gak's boss is on yet another vacation. (This one is the annual family gathering... so we knew about it for quite a while...)
This means Boo spent all day yesterday with Gramma Sue. I'm pretty sure Gramma Sue enjoyed it and Boo didn't have any complaints either. They had quite an enjoyable time, including a nice long walk. I'm glad they're enjoying their time together. I just wish I was there more. (Yes, I will be waging that war until Boo graduates from college.... or longer....)
Today and tomorrow he'll be spending all day at the day care. He seemed a little confused this morning when we dropped him off, but not upset. Joey, on the other hand, wasn't having a good morning. He'll be just fine. It's Gak and I that are having the hard time with it. Oh well. We'll adapt. Luckily Gak gets to spend Thursday and Friday morning with Boo, so I'm sure that'll make both of them happy.
Can you believe that tomorrow is Gak's and my 3-year anniversary?? Neither can I. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but some days I just can't remember back before we were together.
Yes, I did get something for Gak.
No, I won't tell you what it is.
No... get your mind out of the gutter... or the bedroom.... we're an old married couple with a kid remember...
Anyhow, just felt like writing a little bit before I finished up my lunch. Off to try and save the world. Or at least figure out what the heck is up with training. Everything is soooo disorganized now, it's not even funny. No one knows who was quoted for what or what they were promised or wanted. I have no idea who even wants what and let me tell you, it's a very, very good thing that one of my sales guys does not live anywhere near here. Or else you just might read about someone being strangled by their own necktie...
Anyhow, back to work for me.
Peace to all and may your weekends be good and your heart not sore.

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