Tuesday, March 03, 2009

9-months and Other Sundries

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time, so I'll have to keep this post short.
It was a cranky weekend for most people involved.  Saturday Boo was a bit cranky and clingy and very sleepy.  It just wasn't a fun day.  We went down to see what the other vultures had left at Circuit City (not much) and a few other errands after Gak got off work.  Boo was fine, so long as he was held.  We ended up having dinner at Panara Bread, which was quite yummy.
Sunday, he was a major cranky butt and decided he didn't care how tired he was, he wasn't going to nap and would much rather scream.  That and he decided he didn't want to nurse during the day.  He's started not taking a bottle for Gak in the day, but I was hoping that was just a timing issue of his "real" breakfast and when they had to head out the door.  Now I'm beginning to wonder.
I went to BJ's on Sunday after a quick family trip to the Q-Mart.  I spent way too much money, but I probably saved us a good bit on groceries the next several weeks and Boo won't need diapers again for another month or so.  We didn't get any dragon pictures Sunday because he was such a tired, snotty, fussy little boy.  I like to try and get happy boy pictures because, well, most of the time he is a happy boy.
Yesterday was his 9-month doctor's appointment.  And lots of snow.  That does figure in to the picture.  Boo had been snotty and coughing a lot more over the weekend and sounding a bit soupy in general.  Well, as usual the prognosis is that his lungs are clear.  His doctor wasn't happy to hear that his cough never really did go away after last month even though it did calm down a lot and stopped waking him up after a few days.  She wasn't happy to hear it's back and how often he's coughing.  So, we're on his first round of Amoxycillin.  He's not too happy with it, but he hasn't spit it back at us yet.
Oh, for those keeping track, our boy is now at 19 lb 5 oz and 27.75".  He's now down in the 25%.  I'm not sure if this is because of his major transition to solids, his lack of wanting to nurse in the last few weeks or if he's just slowing down.
Let me take a little side trip into the whole nursing thing for a moment before I get on to the rest of the cranky day.  For the last few weeks he hasn't been taking a bottle after his 10am "breakfast" and before Gak has to walk him to day care.  No big deal.  He has been managing to get about 10-12 oz in him during the day and nursing both at 7am before I leave and at around 8 when he goes to bed.  Well, Sunday he only nursed morning and night and only got about 6 oz with cereal during the day.  (He'll normally take a bottle or a bottle and a half for the ladies at day care in the afternoons...)  Yesterday, he even refused to nurse at bed time, but screamed instead until I put him in his bed.  Therefore, he got a whopping 6 oz.  That's no where near enough.  I have no idea what's going on.  It just started and of course I'd told his doctor in the morning that he was getting around 18 oz or so most days.  AARGH.  I need words!

Ok, on to the rest of the day.  It snowed.  Therefore, GrammaSue was stuck and couldn't make it up.  No big deal, we can take him to day care.  I had to go to work because of a WebEx training meeting with a potential customer.  I could have done it from home, except the snow was supposed to be over the weekend, not yesterday so I didn't bring home my computer.  So, I call the day care and tell them Boo will be there.  Then, after his doctor's appointment, the snow is getting worse.  So, I call work and make other arrangements for the training and call the day care to say "never mind".  Well, in the next hour or so, the snow lets up considerably.  I take Gak to work, Boo falls asleep in the car, so I decide to go down to work (after picking up his meds) and at least rescue my computer.  I am stupid and try and do the meeting any how myself.  Boo is having nothing to do with this.  He didn't want to play nicely on the floor or on my lap.  He also decided to fall off my chair the second after I put him down and looked at the computer.  (I was standing in front of the chair, but he managed to miss me completely and plop on the floor.  He's ok, just a little shaken.)  I had logged in both from my computer and George's as me, so when I left I couldn't just turn off my computer and take it with me, since I was the one "running" the meeting.  He wouldn't nurse in Julie's office before the meeting.  (She was smart and working from home.)  The sales guy on the call was being downright rude about me trying to work with Boo around.  Boo wouldn't nurse when we got home or a couple of other times I tried.
Needless to say, I was feeling like one of the worst moms out there.  I'm not the worst on the planet, but I sure wasn't a good one yesterday.
Oh well.  Here's hoping today is better.
Well, I've got to wake Boo, give him his meds and see if he'll nurse *fingers crossed*.
Peace to all and may you not have cranky days.

Edit:  Nope, Boo didn't want to nurse this morning, screamed bloody murder actually.  Gak managed to get an ounce or so into him from the bottle and managed to get some fairly thin cereal into him as well.  He was not a happy camper until after he ate something and then all he wanted to do was bounce in the bouncer.  No idea what's up, but here's hoping it's just something minor and things will be better in a day or two.


Flauta Mom said...


The dr. said no ear infection, right?

Also, booby milk has more calories than solids, so if you are worried about his milk intake just lower his solids for a bit.

Also, any new teeth coming in? Some babies don't like nursing as much when teething.

I'm running on fumes, Claudia just got over a cold and is cutting a canine *faint*

Me needs some sleep.

Addey said...

No ear infection according to Dr. M.
Not sure if lowering solids would help, since yesterday I tried to nurse him when he first got up (as usual) and that was a H-E-double hockey sticks NO! and it had been 12 hours since he'd eaten anything and is usually pretty hungry.
No clue about the teeth. Dr. M didn't say she felt anything Monday and I've given up guessing with this boy.

Good luck with the little Monkey Girl. I hope everything settles down for her soon!