Saturday, March 07, 2009

Where Was I?

You know, I've had several great blog posts running through my head this week.   But while I was in the middle of pumping.... or at 2am and I just can't see getting out of bed... or in the middle of a meeting.  Of course, when I get time to finally write, there's only the smallest shred of what I was thinking about.  (And, in two cases out of three, I couldn't exactly take notes...)
I think the nursing strike is mostly over.  He's nursed well the last few days, but we'll see how the weekend goes.   He still won't take a bottle with Gak holding him, but will gladly take it lying in his bed.  (We've got to get him to take it sitting up... or even learning to get to sitting by himself... oh well, it'll come in time.)  I've managed to get more milk in him the last few days than in recent times.  I think that might be why he hit a bit of a flat spot in his growth curve between last month and this.  Anyhow, I'm not sure how much the Amoxyl is doing, but the cough is back to "normal" (whatever that means) and the snot is mostly gone.  Not the normal major 110% improvement in 3 days I normally see with antibiotics, but who knows.  We've got another appointment next monday and we'll see then.
Work has been grumpy and non-productive at best, a bit of drama at worst.  I've effectively had my hands tied to not do some things that would greatly help next month, and groused at for things out of my control.  Ugh.  That and I've had a few other fun tasks assigned to me.  (I only say that half sarcasticaly.  I actually enjoy them to some degree....)  But, it's been a trying week and I'm so glad for the weekend.  I get the feeling that this is going to be a trying year and I'm beginning to wonder if we've got the right management in place to handle it.... I mean, I like who we've got, but I'm not sure they're right for the kinds of changes we've got to deal with this year... Only time will tell.  I hope I'm just being overly negative again and we'll come through shining and impressing the pants off of everyone.

Anyhow, I've got to finish getting the laundry together and get Boo and Gak out the door so we can do laundry and Gak can go to work.  No idea what else is on the plate for the weekend.  Hopefully a little low key, but we will see.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so maybe we'll go to the park or something this afternoon or find somewhere neat (and cheep) to go tomorrow.

Peace to all and my the bugs leave you alone and work not try your patience.

p.s. spell check isn't working today...

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