Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boy News!

Let it never be said that my boy isn't strange.  Boo is finally getting teeth.  (This could explain some of the random crankies the last week or so...)  But, unlike most babies he isn't getting the front bottom two teeth, but the front top two teeth.  This could be part of the reason that I didn't notice until they're almost all the way through.  I mean, it's a little harder to see his upper gums than his lowers...  The only real reason I noticed is that he was yoweling at me yesterday evening when I went to give him a snack.  I thought I'd noticed something over the weekend, but I thought it was just the light hitting off of some drool just right to look shiney.  Nope, the boy is getting teeth.  I'm impressed how well he's handeling it, it's gotta hurt, but he's just been randomly cranky off and on.  I'm also half surprised Dr. C didn't say anything Monday at Boo's follow-up from the Amox.  I guess he figured we'd already seen them.  No, I don't have pictures yet, the camera was in the car and he hasn't cooperated much since.  I'll try.
This picture is from GrammaSue on Monday.  You can see Boo playing his favorite game of "empty the toybox" on his new floor.  It really adds a lot of light to the room with the bright colors.  I like it.  Boo really seems to like his new floor too.  We switched the places of two pieces of furniture and it looks like there's a ton more space in the living room.  Amazing!

Anyhow, I'm still getting the hang of editing the video files I'm getting with my new little toy.  Here's my first attempt that didn't create a file that was a million MB big.  I have a few others I really need to edit and get posted.  I may just have to start using YouTube to host these.... I don't know why I'm so reluctant to do that... maybe because it's the "cool" thing.  Actually, I know I can post some video to Flickr, but I don't remember what file types or sizes they allow... I will have to investigate....
Anyhow, I've got to finish getting ready for work before Boo wakes up.
Peace to all and may your surprises be good ones.

P.S. because I'm adding video, the time stamp does not reflect totally when this actually gets posted it's taking forever to upload the video...

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