Monday, March 09, 2009

Daylight What??

To say I'm not a fan of daylight savings time would be accurate.  To say it totally confuses the life out of my son would be an understatement.
Yes, he is his grandfather's boy....
Actually, for the most part, yesterday was a pretty normal Sunday.  He slept in a bit... until almost 9 instead of his "normal" 8 or 8:30.  His meal times didn't make much sense to him.  Nap time was confusing, too.  We did go to the Q-mart for a little bit and he was very happily (or very seriously depending...) just riding around in his stroller looking around and trying to figure it all out.  (Good luck, I still can't figure that place out...)  We went over to Aunt Kat's as well for a bit.  
Then 7pm Eastern DST hit.  Now we have very confused and cranky boy.
We get home and everything is fine for a bit.  He eats his dinner.  (Mind you, he'd been eating all day and I wasn't sure he could actually eat anything more....)  He plays for a bit while Momma finishes up making her first attempt at Sheppard's Pie.  (Not bad, needs a few tweaks and should have drained the beef before putting in the gravy... it wasn't as lean as I thought...)  Then it's "8:00" so Momma gives him a "bedtime" snack of milk and tries to put him to bed.
Cue 1 hour plus of crying, comforting, playing and eventually sleeping.  To say he was totally ticked about being put to bed at 7:00 by his body would be an understatement.  Not that I blame him, I was having problems falling asleep at my "normal" 9 pm.  Oh well, in a week we'll all be used to it and then we'll be in for another shock come fall.
Urg.  Why do we do this??

Anyhow, this should be a busy week for me at work.  I've finally got my first week-long seminar again.  It has been a year since I've held one.  There wasn't one in June since I was on leave and no one picked up the ball (or the marketing...).  September and December both got canceled due to no attendance (read marketing... do you sense a theme here??).  This should be interesting.  I've got 2 internationals (Canada and Ireland) who have decided to stay for the whole week, even though the second half of the week really has nothing for them.  I'm not even sure I've got the Irish regs and I'm not very familiar with the Canadian ones... other than they're somewhat similar to ours.
We will see.  I just have a feeling of impending doom at times.  It will be nice if I can pull this off without much of a hitch and "prove" that I know what I'm doing.  (I some days don't think that I do, but have been very lucky just winging it for so long now...)   Like I said, we will see.

No new boy pics at the moment.  The few that I've taken are still on the camera.  And speaking of the boy, he may be trying to wake up, which is really odd... either that or I'm hearing things again.  His cough seems to be a bit better now, but he's doing this strange gasping inhale thing a couple of times a day now.  Not quite enough for me to panic because he seems fine overall, but enough for me to bring it up next Monday at his followup appointment.

Anyhow, I'm off to try and get ready for work.  Wish me luck this week.

Peace to all and may time not to funky things to you. 

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