Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome To the "Blogosphere"

Two quick items, one short post.

Firstly, my brother decided after being addicted to my own blog (why??) for 2 years or so to finally get around to getting one of his own.  If you actually know him, you'll see that it totally fits his personality.  Go, read, chuckle and smirk.

In other news, our tax refund came through Friday!!  Can we all say huge sigh of relief?  We were expecting a nice big chunk and actually got it all.  This includes the "stimulus" we were supposed to get last year but never did.  So, we have started to stimulate, at least a little.  Most of it is going to various bills to pay off early, but we're having a little fun too.  I picked up a little 5 Mp digital video recorder that uses SD cards.  I don't want a full-blown one since I'm really only interested in taking little clips of my boy to share with family near and far, mostly over the web.  I'm still playing with it and once I get something acceptable, I'll post it.  We also started picking up Boo's summer clothes (he's just getting into the 12 month size now) at a 50% off sale they were having at Carter's.  We also picked up some foam tile flooring to turn half the living room into a boy-friendly play area.  Yes, you'll get pictures soon, once we've cleaned the floor, moved a few things around and put the tiles down.
Like I said, we're splurging on a few things and getting other, needed, things taken care of.  Next up are eye doctor's appointments for me and Gak and some long neglected repairs for the truck.  I've already squirreled away some into the savings account to give us a bit more "cushion" for the year.  Once the eyes and the truck is taken care of, we'll see what's left and what else needs attention, probably more bills (and most likely an X-box 360 for Gak since he sold his old one and has been itching for it recently, but that's already factored into the "splurge" fund.)

Well, I've got to get the laundry together and stuff so I can abscond with my son so Gak can clean the floor and move some furniture.
Peace to all and may your weekend be full of pleasant surprises.

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Chelsea said...

I hear those foam tiles make great blocking boards. ;)