Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eight-hundred and What??

I meant to post this Friday, but I didn't.  Can I tell you how much I hate taking the truck in for repairs and inspection?? I knew we had a few big things coming down the pike as far as truck repairs go.  We'd been letting a few known issues that weren't causing any real problems fester for a while.
Thursday was the day we finally took the truck in for the repairs and the inspection.  We got the truck back and the bank account was about $830 lighter.  It's more than the $500 I was hoping to spend, but less than the grand I feared it would be.  Oh, and we have to take it back in the next week or so to get the emissions done again.  It didn't pass and some of the repairs were on the emissions systems... so... drive it at least 30 miles and come back.
Unfortunately, the inspection was supposed to have been done last month.  In all honesty I was waiting for the tax refund so that we could afford the repairs that were needed.  So, yesterday, driving over to the Q-mart, a cop decides to pull me over because my stickers are out of date.  I'm cringing, but inside I'm laughing because for a month the stickers had been out of date, we live right across the street from the police station and nothing happened.  Now, 2 days after attempting to get it all set to rights, I get stopped.  Luckily he was able to just give me essentially a warning.  We've got to get it inspected within the next 10 days and turn this card in to the police confirming that it was done.  No big deal, just very annoying.  Especially with all the hoops we have to jump through with logistics.  We'll figure it out.

I hope that was the big adventure for the weekend.

Today we're heading down to my parent's house.  Abi is in town from Phoenix this week and wanted to get together.  Her parents live closer to mine, so instead of having her drive all the way up here, we're all converging on my parents' house.  It'll be good.  My mom really likes Abi and  we haven't seen each other since July.  Boo has changed soooo much since then.  The reason she's in town is a sad and anxious one.  Her mom is fighting breast cancer, a very aggressive form.  It had been responding well, but it doesn't seem to be and has spread.  This all came to light shortly before Thanksgiving... at least the fast moving cancer part, the not responding is new.  Anyhow, I just hope that everything turns out OK.  I'm also looking forward to this visit.  You should see some pictures, and maybe even a video or two, tomorrow.  They'll be either here or on the Flickr, depending on how adventurous I become.

Well, I'm off to shower.   We were originally going to head down when Boo went down for his nap this morning, but that was a half hour ago and none of us were ready.  (He's fighting off the snot monsters again...)  So, we'll wait until he wakes up and then probably leave about an hour after that.  In the meantime, I'd best get myself ready to get out the door.

Peace to all and may life not throw any nasty surprises your way.

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