Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Monday

Well, today was a good Monday, as far as Monday's go.
I'll get to that in a bit though, I guess I should give the weekend update first.  (I really do need to actually post something over the weekends.... but they fly by so very fast!)

This weekend we had a few good adventures.  Saturday after Gak got done with work we went on a bit of a splurge adventure.  He has decided that with his return to EQII and finding the new guild (Deciples of Misanthrope, who happens to be a very cute purple and green dragon...) he really doesn't have the time, energy or desire to play another system.  That's fine by me.  We have a Wii I don't play anywhere near enough and I get confused just looking at the X-box controllers.  So, instead of a 360 Gak decided to invest in a new army for Warhammer.  (Hmm... I wonder if I'm supposed to be posting this... he was going to surprise everyone and I can't remember who he plays with actually reads this... oh well, not the first surprised I've ruined in the last two weeks...)  I'll compromise, I won't tell you which army, but I will tell you that he spent about $130 on models.  Yes, he has to assemble and paint these himself.  So, we'll see how long it takes before he gets them to a fieldable state.  He did get to put several together today at work and prime them... yes... it was that slow.
Anyhow, the second place we went was next to Babies R Us, so of course I pop in there while Gak and Boo look at toys.  I picked out several nice things that were on sale for the summer.  Unfortunately, I could only pick up about half of them because their credit card system went down right then and I only had $25 in cash on me.  Oh well, I can pick up other stuff later.  And besides, I need to check out Good Will and Salvation Army since we've got both around here.  That and it's almost yard sale season, hopefully I'll find some good stuff there.  I keep getting out bid on eBay, so I think I'll give that a rest for a bit.
After our shopping fun we head across the street (sort of) to an Old Country Buffet.  Boo did very well.  He found out that he likes croutons when we started running out of O's and he'd polished off his own jar of dinner.  (I just have to watch him with them as they're a little slow to dissolve and a little big...)
Sunday was mostly a lazy-ish day.  The big exciting news was our semi-weekly trip to the Q-mart (we tend to go in spurts, several weeks in a row and then nothing for a month or so...) and a trip to Staples for a new headset for me.  Boo and I did walk over to the park.  He almost enjoyed the swing, was confused by the slide and very distracted by all the people.  I did run into Dave, Ali and fmily for a few minutes.  No, I don't have any pictures, but that's because Gak didn't go with us and I just couldn't play and photo at the same time.  Play is more important.

Anyhow, on to today.  Work was work and it went fairly well.  I managed to get quite a lot done.  I'm not sure how much of it was what my boss wanted me to be working on, but while not all of it was training, it was all stuff that needed doing now.  The real good part of today was this evening.
You see, Wednesday is Mom's birthday.  Bob and Linda had expressed a desire to get together with Mom some Monday when she was here.  Well, as luck would have it, everyone was free this evening.  (Gak still went to the game, but I did give him the choice and it really didn't matter to me which he chose...)
Boo was in a semi-cranky mood for a good bit of the evening, but was a very good boy through most of dinner.  We had a very nice meal thanks to Mom being able to put it in the oven while I was at work.  Boo did melt down a little bit after dinner, but was quite content to raspberry and giggle and play for a good 45 minutes after changing into PJs and not being able to focus on a bedtime snack because he was being distracted by people.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and am about to go "THUD" in bed.  I hope the rest of the week is this nice.

Peace to all and may the visits be friendly and the family close.

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