Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, wouldn't you guess that very shortly after posting that last update, I finally had a conversation with my boss?
At any rate, that meeting went so much better than the last.  Once he was fully aware of exactly where I stood and that yes, there is an end date in mind for the travel "ban", it was much better.  I still have a TON of things that he wants to see improved/worked on.  I'm OK with that because it gives me direction.  It also tells me that I'm not the only one feeling like the whole training gig needs work and in what areas.  I'm still not looking forward to traveling again any time soon, but alas, it is part of my job description.  If I don't like it enough or if it gets to be too much, I do have options.  I can try and petition for a more permanent job description change or, more than likely, I can attempt to find another job either within or outside of the company where I won't have to travel.  I'm just hoping there will be a few occasions where I'll be able to take Boo with me.  Of course, that'll mean I'll have to travel somewhere where I've got friends or family who are both able and above all willing to watch him while I do my training.  Either that or be able to take Gak with me too.  (Of course, that's a little more problematic since if he's not at work, he's not getting paid, so a double whammy...)
So, yes, I'm feeling a good bit more positive today.  I'm still swamped and not sure how to get un-swamped, but I'll get there.
I'm just glad it's the weekend after today.  I could use a couple of down days just chasing Boo.
Anyway, just thought I'd let all 5 of my readers know that everything seems to be heading in a better direction at work, or at least not as bad a direction.
Peace to all and may meetings not be scary and things work out in the long run.


Flauta Mom said...

You can always train in San Jose, CA


Addey said...

I'd love another trip back there! I could finally get to see Claudia and one of my EQII buddies lives out there too.
Oh, and I'd get to see you too :P

Grumpy Joe said...

Hi Addey! You know in my experience, lots of folks look forward to getting away from work and GOING SOMEWHERE for training! I know I do. If you had a well equipped training facility, the price was good, and you treated the students well, I'm sure word would get around quickly and many would actually prefer to go to PA! Your classes pretty much require that each student have a workstation to learn the software--it just seems SO much easier to keep it in house! I know it would be easier for you too?

Addey said...

Yes Joe, you're right. But, in one word, cost.
We used to hold everything here at a local computer training center. But it's expensive. I've been trying (halfheartedly and very unsuccessfully) for 4 years now to get a fleet of laptops.
Then you get people whining "why can't you do it in Texas, or Florida, or.... insert local here". Ugh.
I'd love to do it all from here. I may be pushing more WebEx sessions, I don't know though... they're both better and worse...