Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Today is going to be hell.
Yesterday both Boo and I had doctors' appointments.  Mine went fairly well.  I got some antibiotics for this sinus infection and hopefully in a day or two it'll all be a bad memory, or at least heading that way.  (Thank you Z-pack.)
The reason Boo had an appointment is that he woke up several times the night before coughing a much soupier cough than his normal.  According to his doctor his lungs are clear and it's probably just a bit of a cold.  No fever, cough isn't all that bad... keep an eye on him and only give Tylenol if fever goes above 100.
Ok.  Can do.  I'll tell you, he really wasn't feeling well.  The sparkle just wasn't there.
Gramma Sue had a good afternoon with the boy.  He slept a bit, they played a bit and he ate a little bit.
He'd just woken up when I got home from work.  Not overly happy, but glad to see me at any rate.  Mom leaves after I give him some dinner and I settle in for the evening.  (I'm already not looking forward to today at this point, but I'll get to that in a minute...)
Linda calls and we talk for a good bit.  Hopefully we'll have dinner together on the 21st.
Boo actually goes to bed by about 6:30 or 6:45.  He's not feeling well and I can tell.

Then, starting around 10:00 around when Gak gets home from Warhammer, he starts waking up every hour or less, screaming.  He's coughing, sounded very congested to me, but when he eventually stops crying, he sounds much better.  After the doctor's appointment, I'm just assuming this is due to the cold and crying combined.  I know what that's like.
Of course, this lasts until about 3:30.  Then he wakes up and just now... at 6:15 is finally asleep again (I hope....).  We walked.  He wouldn't nurse.  He screamed even more at the swing.  We drove and he slept for about 20 minutes until I opened his car door... He is so tired he can't even cry right.  (No, it's not a breathing problem why he isn't crying right... he's got plenty of lung capacity, you can just tell that he doesn't have the energy to cry.)

Of course, at this point I'm about to cry.  I did manage to pump a little this morning while Gak held him.  I had just finished washing everything when he settled down enough I could probably pump the other side, but everything is wet.  I just can't function at the moment.

But I have to.

You see, I had scheduled a training for today.  I only had one customer sign up, so I canceled it last week.

Only the guy who signed up never got the message.  Phone or email.
I can't talk for 5 minutes, let alone 5 hours, without hacking.  I've slept maybe an hour.  I don't have anything prepared.  I've got some people from the department who will be sitting in as well, so it hopefully won't suck quite so bad.  (Who am I kidding.... it'll be plenty bad...)
Oh, and the rest of my work day wasn't really any better....

Anyhow, I've got about 45 minutes to get my butt out the door, pick up some donuts or something and not fall asleep.

Can I cry now?  We haven't had a night this bad since he was 2 weeks old.  And luckily, I didn't have to do anything the next day... except let mom's friend clean the kitchen and bathroom.

Peace to all and may you take a nap for me.

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