Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Blues

Well, today has been one of the most unproductive Mondays I've had in a while.  I have no idea where the day has gone, but I know I wasn't getting anything useful done.  And it wasn't even the fact that I was running around in circles, because I wasn't.  I don't understand.
Anyhow, the weekend was quite nice, even if it did have a few adventures.  
Saturday was laundry day, and that was about as uneventful as ever.  The hard part is the fact that with Boo's new car seat, I don't have a seat for him at the laundromat.  Oops.  I ended up putting him in the wash basket at one point.  He wasn't too fond of that.  If he hadn't been so tired, he would have enjoyed being in the cart with all the warm laundry, fresh from the dryer.  It went well over all and he took a half decent nap when we got home.  We then played for a bit and then he got another good long nap in.  So long that I almost forgot to go pick up Gak from work!  After picking up Gak we head over to Kat's.  Uncle Joe is a CPA and does the family taxes.  Very nice.  I do have to send in paper forms instead of e-file, but I really don't mind because I got my taxes done now and for nothing more than a "Please?" and a "thank you!".  We all went out to dinner at Red Robbin first.  Yummy as always.
Well, I'm not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but my video on my home computer started doing weird things.  I started loosing "red" from my display.  I hoped it wasn't going to be terminal.  Well, by Sunday the red went away and wouldn't come back.  (That's part of why it took me so long to get new pictures up.  It's hard to edit photos when everyone looks like a corpse...)  So, after a bit of trouble shooting and cable swapping, we figure that my video card just doesn't like the color red any more.  So, we went on an adventure.
After doing a little bit of research online, I figure out that while BestBuy may be right down the street, their prices are a good $20 more for the same card as at Microcenter.  So, we pack up the boy and head down to Microcenter.  After much poking and prodding and asking for help and getting two suggestions, I get a new video card.  Of course, it was nice that most of the PCIe cards were on sale this week.  I got a very nice card for just shy of $80.  Or I should say, Jon and Becca got me a nice card.  You see, they gave me a Visa gift card for my birthday and told me to take Gak out to dinner just the two of us and blow the rest on something frivolous and not bills.  Well, I figure blowing most of it on a video card counts.  You see, we had another fully functioning computer in the house, so mine isn't really all that necessary.  (Who am I kidding??)  That and there's enough left on the card to combine with a gift certificate I've got to somewhere nice and local (bonus!) to go out to a nice dinner soon (I hope).  I'm thinking I may see if someone can watch Boo mid-week so I don't have to try and plan around everyone else's weekend plans too.
Anyhow, after the adventures of choosing a new video card, we decide we're hungry.  Well, in a long roundabout kind of way, we end up going over to King of Prussia.  We were going to have lunch at Michael's but Gak saw a Baja Fresh and decided he wanted Mexican instead.  I said fine, but I'm not coming all the way over here without stopping and getting some corned beef from Michael's.  So we did.  And we got some beer too.
So, I had a nice yummy corned beef sandwich for lunch today.  And, unless Gak ate the rest of the pound of corned beef, there should be enough for one tomorrow too!  Yumm.
Anyhow, it's just about time for me to go home.  See, one thing productive today.  A blog post.  Ugh.  I've got to get my butt in gear tomorrow.  (I swear, I feel like I'm living out of boxes in my new cube, and that doesn't help things any...)

Peace to all and may you have fun adventures and yummy food.


Jon said...

oh man Michael's corned beef, drooool... :) Glad you got the video card.

Addey said...

Hehehe.... It was quite yummy.