Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Normally, I don't care about things like Friday the 13th.
Today, it seems to have bitten me in the butt.
I have $50 to buy groceries, gas and do laundry with for the entire week.  That's not so bad.  I've been there, done that before.  We really don't need a lot of groceries other than milk and some food for the boy and maybe a lb of ground beef or something.
The truck needs some repairs in order to pass inspection and I've also got to pay for the registration and that's all due NOW.
It's cold and gray and threatening to rain or snow or just be ick.  This is horrible after the nice weather we've had most of this week.
The real kicker is work though.
I have to back up a bit.  A few weeks ago we were asked how we prioritize our work orders.  So, yesterday, while feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed and disorganized, I wrote an email to my manager telling him.  I told him I look for the easy ones and try and figure out who won't yell the loudest between the work orders and training.
Well, he didn't like that answer.  He didn't like much really.
I got told point blank that I'm training manager and that's my responsibility and how I'm measured and that there is definitely room for improvement in training.  (I agree with that, it's gone to hell in a handbasket this past year...)  He also point blank said that I have to travel as it is in my job description.  He wanted me to go to the training in Indiana in two weeks.  It's for the entire week.  Luckily I was able to tell him that G had already bought his tickets.  He also was unhappy that G had done the last three.  Well, he volunteered.  He's got friends living near all three of them and was glad to take the opportunity to get a small visit in around work.  (I can't blame him, that's the one reason I liked going to southern CA.... or even San Jose, CA, I had people to visit.)  He's also the best we've got other than me.  Heck, he's probably even better than me in some ways.  I mean, he is a certified high school history teacher for crying out loud!  I've never had any official training, even though I've been teaching in one way or another since high school.
Can I tell you how seriously this ruined my morning.  I mean, to the point of tears ruined.  (It doesn't help that I'm a little emotional this week....)  Kat was able to talk me down enough to get through and to meet her for lunch.  (Which was great.)  Gak's not happy.  I'm pissed and terrified and all kinds of other emotions.  It's finally coming to pass the lack of Rick ever getting anything in writing or approved.  So, now I'm sunk.  My agreement with Rick was that I wasn't going to travel for the first  year after Boo was born.  The whole reason I'm even doing work orders is to take up some some of the burden so others could travel.  Well, that's not how it's working.  I feel like I work for a bi-polar multiple-personality ADD boss.  I just can't deal with it.
I may have said I hated my job before, but I think I actually mean it this time.  I almost wish I'd told him: "fine, I'll go back to being full time training manager, I won't do any work orders because that's not in my job description."  I'm almost glad I didn't.  But part of me wishes I had.
Oh well.  I took an extra long lunch and it's now 2:00 and I'd better get back to work.  I've got people looking for me.
Peace and may things work out in your favor.

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Flauta Mom said...


I wish PA had nursing laws!

Completely unfair that society expect us to give babies formula instead of nursing them. Why can't bosses understand that. Or the fact that a little baby will be UPSET that his mommy isn't there. (Would they pay for Boo's ticket and GrandMa Sue's to go with you? *evil grin*)

Scandinavian countries give 1 full year for maternity leave... now if Finnish wasn't that hard to learn :)