Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Happened?

First off, no new pictures of Boo from yesterday. It was just a mellow day and no real camera opportunities.
I did finally get an electric pump... and really like it. I got the Medela Swing. It works great, is nice and small and quiet. Makes me happy. (The manual pump they'd given me at the hospital lost suction for some reason and no matter how much I fiddled with the seal, I couldn't get it back... that and I need an electric since I'll be pumping daily while at work...)

I don't check my work email for a week and all hell breaks loose it seems! One of the first messages I get is about my one boss leaving. Huh?? What's the story? Well, after about 4 different conversations over our instant messager I find out that about 13 or so people are leaving by the end of the month. The head of the software service group (one of my bosses) left for a competitor at the end of last week. A long-time programmer also left for one of two competitors, he hadn't decided when he turned in his resignation. Five people got layed off (one of whom really surprises me, the others not so much and one of which I'm downright glad is gone...) There are three people retiring by the end of August at the latest. My other boss, the one in charge of all of service, took a new job down in Atlanta.
What the heck is going on around here?? I mean, that makes about 15 people just since the beginning of the year that's left... maybe a few more.
Of course, my biggest question is: who the heck is my boss and what, exactly is my job now. Oh, and what in the world are we doing about training??
It looks like that my friend Bill is acting leader for the software support group. (Bert was right all those years ago... Bill did get his job... but I'm not sure he really wanted it...) No one has any idea where things stand with training, especially me. What was already a chaotic situation is now even more messy.
I was going to go down to the office next week for a few to show off Boo, but now we're going down and will probably end up spending the entire afternoon there on Wednesday. I know Bill is looking to have a meeting with everyone while I'm there and I told Julie I'd have some time to talk with her about some training things she wants to do. (She's now product leader for the software.) It should be an interesting visit. I hope Boo's having a good day. Although, if not, it'll give me an excuse to escape. Just so long as I don't run screaming, everything will be OK.

Well, that's about all I have to say today. Yesterday was a pretty calm day all told (other than an interesting few hours last night...) Today should be another mellow day. Tonight we're going for a walk with some of our friends, so that should be good.

Peace to all and may life not go chaotic when you don't look....

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