Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Adventures

This weekend has actually turned out to be a good one. Friday was much better than the rest of the week, even though it was too hot to do anything.

Boo and I finally got out of the house. I dropped Gak off at work and since Boo was sleeping, I decided to go somewhere for a bit. Where I ended up was BabysRUs. I spent way too much money. Although, over half of what I spent was on consumables... that is diapers, bottle liners and the like. I also got a new play mat, one by Boppy. I'm not sure how much Boo really likes it, but he doesn't hate it. That's a start. He howls within about 3 seconds of being put down on the other one, either on his belly or back. (He much prefers being on his belly, then he can push up and look around...) I think it's pretty cute and the mini Boppy pillow will come in handy for other things as well.

Saturday was a more or less uneventful day. We didn't do a whole lot other than laundry, but we did get a bit of play time in. I was feeling pretty good about that. I like it when Boo's in a good mood and wants to play. Don't get me wrong, I love snuggles, but play is really great.

After we picked up Gak from work we fiddled around a bit, went to Baja Fresh for dinner and came home. Overall, uneventful.

Actually, there was one really, really cool thing that happened yesterday. Aunt Abi got a job in Arizona! She flew out for the weekend for an interview. It went even better than she'd ever hoped for and she got offered the job with an extra 2K a year than the original offer! She took it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for me, this means she'll be moving out to Phoenix in a couple of weeks. But... I really think this is the best thing that could happen to her. This is just the break she needs. This will get her away from all her ghosts in New England, and trust me, there are a bunch. This will be the brand new start in a new place that she needs. This will do wonders for her self esteem as well as everything else in her life. I'm sure within a few weeks of moving out there she'll have plenty of things to do and be meeting all kinds of really cool people. I'm so excited for her, even though it means she's moving 3/4 the way across the country. At least I've got somewhere to stay when we visit Arizona.

I wish her the most luck possible.

Today was a good day. Gramma Sue came up and we had some fun adventures. We went up to Saucon Valley for lunch at Red Robbin. That was yummy as always. The main reason we went up there is that we had a photo sitting for Boo at a portrait studio there. I spent more than I was planning on, but we got a ton of pictures for what we paid. I'm sure we would have paid at least twice that anywhere else, and not had anywhere near the number of pictures to choose from. I think she took about 60 shots. We ended up with 5 that we loved. There were several more that I wouldn't have minded getting copies of. We did get the CD (the picture at the top of this post is from the session today) so we can get more of whatever if we want to later. We might, but I doubt it. I've got more than I need and lots of people will be getting them in the mail, so watch your mailboxes... you may be getting a surprise from us.

He wasn't so sure about the adventure at first, but Boo really warmed up to it by the end. We got some really good ones.

Anyhow, my little 7-week old (gasp!) man is waking up and is probably very hungry. I'd best get this posted.

Peace to all and may your skies be bright and there be smiles in your life.

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