Monday, July 14, 2008

More Work Woes

I've got to stop checking the work email. The last two times I have, more people have left the company. I was just down there on Wednesday. I found out that one of the other developers is trying to get a job within corporate, but in a different state (where he's from, so I don't blame him too much...). Well, today when I log in to the work email, I find out that two more developers have left or are leaving and that a project engineer also left. All to competitors. With the one guy retiring by the end of August, we're down to two in-house developers and a small team based out of India. (I like the Indian developers I've met, good and smart people.) Two of them are coming over for a bit starting tomorrow to learn as much as they can from the people who are leaving. I wish them the most luck.
It's not looking so good around the office. I keep talking to people and more and more of them are really beginning to panic. It is really feeling like "rats leaving a sinking ship" or as one guy liked to say, rearanging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I guess I've got to start pollishing up my 8-year-old resume... just in case.
Gak's thought is that they might consolidate us and move us down to another office. I hope not. I'll really need my resume then.
Well, Boo's awake again and calling for his Momma. Gonna post this as is, bad spelling and all.
Peace to all and may you have some certianty in your lives.

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