Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We have a hat problem in this house. Never mind that Momma has way more baseball caps than any one person needs. (Actually, I've gotten rid of several over the years... and *gasp* don't wear them that often any more...)
The problem is that my boy, like me, has a tiny head. I have to adjust caps as small as they go most of the time. I can actually wear some child sized hats. Boo, seems to have the same issue. I couldn't get the picture I wanted yesterday, he kept moving his head to try and dislodge the annoyance. This is one of three brimmed hats he has. All three fit just about like this. They are all "0-6 months" in size. His head has grown about an inch since he was born, and they are till too big.
One day soon he may fit them. Until then, I guess I need to either find smaller hats or try and make one. I made a few crochet caps before he was born. One fits, but is too short (I should have done another few rounds I think...). One is way too small, and I thought it would be anyhow. And one is a bit large and I can't get the "brim" to fold up right anyhow. They all became way, way too soft when I washed them and have no body. Normally you want things soft, but with hats, it helps if there's a little body to them to help keep their shape and keep them on.

Yesterday was a good, mellow day. We did the grocery shopping. Gak went to work and Boo and I just hung out a bit around the house. We did take a walk over to the park and back, but he was asleep by the time we got over there, so I wasn't even going to think of waking him to try the swing. (I'm not sure I like the infant swing there anyhow, I don't like the looks of the belt that keeps the kiddo in.)

Not sure what's on the plate today. Hopefully another mellow day. Stu may be coming over this evening, we shall see.

Well, I'd best get around before Boo wakes up again.

Peace to all and may your head gear fit.

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